Wrestling Positions & Technique: Advanced Wrestling Moves and Strategy for The Setup

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Time to learn the essentials of wrestling positions.  In this instructional, wrestling stand out Travis Piccard will go over in great detail the positioning for the setup.  It is the essential building block from which all wrestling moves branch.  From footwork and posture to body positioning there are details that must be addressed to help you on your quest to be the best wrestler that you can be.  Travis Piccard, a Michigan native, is a three time high school state champion in Michigan, finished top 12 in NCAA Division 1 wrestling, and went on to wrestle for the World Team in Beijing, China in 2006.


     Remember, no matter what you want to work on in wrestling, you cannot do any of it without mastering this list of wrestling moves or imperative techniques.  Even advanced and accomplished wrestlers do self checks on their wreslting form and style and recheck to make sure they are doing everything correctly.  Keep checking back for more wrestling instruction right here at ProAthlete360.com.



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