Learning Advanced Wrestling Moves: Finishing the High Crotch Takedown (Video, Part 2)

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      This instructional series bring you a list of wrestling moves to bring your game to the next level. This video shows how to finish from the high crotch.   This will be a great way to gain a better understanding of converting from a single leg to a double leg takedown. We begin this instructional with a quick review of the high crotch and then expand it to show how to finish off your opponent quickly.  The high crotch is an extremely flexible move that needs to be in every wrestlers offensive arsenal.  The finishes derived from this move can go different ways but no mater what it needs to end up with the same outcome regardless of the variables that are thrown into the mix. Knowing the smallest details will also make it nearly impossible to stop from the neutral position.  We will discuss all the factors that go into finshing off your opponent from a high crotch. 

This instructional is taught by Travis Picccard.  Travis Piccard, a Michigan native, is a three time high school state champion in Michigan, finished top 12 in NCAA Division 1 wrestling, and went on to wrestle for the World Team in Bejiing, China in 2006.  Remember to listen up, evaluate and revaluate your own game, moves, and better your aresenal of moves with this advanced instructional.  Remember to keep checking back for more right here for more from our list of wrestling moves at ProAthlete360.com!


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