Learning Advanced Wrestling Moves: Mastering The High Crotch (Video Part 1)

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      In this instructional, we will go over in great detail a move on our list of wrestling moves, how to shoot a high crotch.  This is an important takedown for several reasons, but the main reason why it is crucial to have in your offensive arsenal is its changeability, as many setups and takedowns branch from this move.  Doing it is one thing, however, doing it with precision and consistency no mater what variables are thrown into the mix is what takes a wrestler to another level in competition.  Knowing the smallest details will also make it nearly impossible to stop from the neutral position.  We will discuss all the factors that go into a high crotch including, positioning, foot work, change of speed, direction, and more. 

This instructional is taught by Travis Picccard.  Travis Piccard, a Michigan native, is a three time high school state champion in Michigan, finished top 12 in NCAA Division 1 wrestling, and went on to wrestle for the World Team in Beijing, China in 2006.  Take notes, pay attention and elevate your craft and remember to keep checking back here for more on the list of wrestling moves, including the second part to this tutorial with securing and converting the takedown, right here at ProAthlete360.com!



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