From the Top 12 of NCAA Division 1 Wrestling Rankings to Wrestling Overseas in China: A Wrestler's Perspective and Advice (Video)

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     This is one of many interviews that we have to help you get your game on the most elite level. The guest for this interview is Travis Piccard. Travis Piccard is a three time high school state champion in Michigan, finished top 12 in NCAA Division 1 wrestling rankings, and went on to wrestle for the World Team in Beijing, China in 2006. In this interview, Travis will be discussing wrestling after college and how you need to go about going forward with your athletic career. This is top notch advice that will not just help get you one step ahead of the competition, but rather, if you listen and apply it will help excel far past the competition in the ring and out. Consistency is the most important factor for reaching the ranks of an elite athlete. Watch the interview and take notes so that you can have it perfected within your arsenal of moves. Keep checking back as we continue to provide content that you cannot get anywhere else!



Wrestling Video Transcription:

My name's Travis Piccard and you're at I'm a three time Michigan high school state champion, and I wrestled at the Citadel, of Division One Wrestling and placed as high as top twelve in the NCAA's. I went to wrestle in the World Team in 2006 in Beijing, and now that I'm done competing I'm helping coach the youth and make you a better wrestler.




Past college and everything, wrestling at the world level myself, I only had the opportunity to do it once. So to wrestle in Beijing and wrestle against China's travel team and their military national team was an experience I'll never forget. And there's a lot of opportunities to do that, even as youth there's Athletes in Action and they travel across they country and they participate in all these events. Try and capture those as much as it is important to get those big exposure on national tournaments in the U.S.




But even just for the experience portion of it, traveling to go to Beijing and see the Great Wall, see the Meng Tombs and see all these great things in this world, into reference it all back to because of a sport is awesome. To say "I went to Beijing, China, I walked on the Great Wall and I got to wrestle over there too." That's pretty fantastic so I can't imagine going to London or some place, any of the big, big key mark places like that because of wrestling. So seize those opportunities, look for them and if you're fortunate enough to be good, with the skill to compete on a national team, it's just something that is light years beyond anything you can imagine. And the skill and technique and dedication it takes is something that's a career at that point in time.




When you compete at that level it's a career, it's what you do 24/7. Your nutrition is 100% focused around how you train, and when you train for a competition. It's a different situation for how you eat when you're not training, when you're just in off-season. But it's still 100% in-season as far as your aspect of 'Yes, I have a competition in nine months but right now I'm supposed to be lifting, getting bigger. I'm still running and getting my cardio up. I'm still eating healthy."




Never, ever, ever are we out of season mentally as far as keeping our physical stature up. So it's just hills and valleys of what we're doing and wrestling season is definitely a grind. So when you get to that level, make sure that you seize the day and make sure that you're looking at all the opportunities past you. And if you have the opportunity to travel make it happen, because it was awesome.


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