Advanced Wrestling Positions Instructional: Technique and Strategy on Defense (Video, Part I)

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     This is one of many instructional videos that we have to help you get your game on the most elite level. The instructor for this wrestling positions instructional video is Travis Piccard. Travis Piccard is a three time high school state champion in Michigan, finished top 12 in NCAA Division 1 wrestling, and went on to wrestle for the World Team in Beijing, China in 2006.

In this video instructional, Travis will be going over in great detail wrestling defensively. Although not the ideal way to wrestle your opponent, Travis explains wrestling positions, strategies and techniques to help if you are stuck in a bad situation. The advanced series of moves explained here in this video are not to help you just get one step ahead of the competition, they are here for you to destroy the competition with consistency. Consistency is the most important factor for reaching the ranks of an elite athlete. Watch the video and take notes so that you can have it perfected within your arsenal of moves. Keep checking back as we continue to provide content that you cannot get anywhere else!



Wrestling Video Transcription: We're going to work defense, when our opponent has already cleared our hands, already cleared our head and he's in on our hips. This is the worst situation for a wrestler defensively. We're going to work on some opportunities of how to get out of it. From this position, Jarred is in on a high crotch right now. His head is up, his hips are in. He's in a correct position. There's still a small percentage of opportunity and window to create distance between the lock and our hips with our opponent. To do that, on the immediate penetration, as soon as Jarred comes in, David has two opportunities. Both of them incorporate stuffing the head, is what the term is called. We want to stuff the head to the mat.

One of them to do is very basic, depending on how tight the lock is. If our opponent's lock is loose and his arms are extended, that give us opportunity to stuff the head on the outside of the hip and just get our hips back. Which is where we want to be. From this position, once we get here, what we want to do defensively is called a high leg. To high leg, we will take the hand off the head to the elbow. We're going to pull the elbow up as we high leg back the leg that he has. Once we do that we just spin around behind.

The grind is the most important part of this. It looks easy and it can be that quick in a real live match but the important part is that you make sure you focus on your hip pressure. If you notice, when Jarred's back in on the shot and he stuffs the head, Dave's hip pressure right now, his head and chest is up. His hips are 100% stuffed, because that is where all the pressure is on the opponents shoulder. For Jarred right now, all of his pressure should be on his right arm. Pressure because we are elevating his arms up above his head because we are stuffing the head with our hips. Once we get here, we have enough strength to pull up the elbow. He's going to high leg his right leg back as he rotates his hips in. Davids rotates his hips in. Jarred now broke the lock and David spins around behind for a two point take down defensively.

Another opportunity when our opponent is in on a high crotch and is very, very snug to the leg and we have no gap between our hips and him and it's tight at the lock. We feel like we can't just sprawl back because our opponent is really good at keeping his hips. A great opportunity is called the bump and stuff. We're going to bump his head across with our outside hand. David will bump his head as he rolls and stuffs the head down. At that point in time we now have enough distance between our hips and the lock. See this gap? David will now sprawl and break the lock. Always break the lock before you start spinning. Break the lock, at that point in time, circle behind and get the two point take down.

For the high crotch, when our opponent is loose, a little bit loose in the lock, his arms are down. That allows us to stuff the head and sprawl straight back. David will stuff the head, get his hips back. Now if you'll notice, at this lock right now, David has a lot of pressure on Jarred's shoulder by stuffing the head. Now at this point in time what he will do, is grab the near elbow and when he does that he's going to elevate it high and high leg his hips back as he rotates. So all of his pressure still stays on the shoulder, as he high legs back. David's hips should never leave the shoulder. As the lock's in, he rotates his hips. As he rotates his hips he now circles behind and gets the two point take down.  That is defense to the high crotch.



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