Weightlifting Gear Review: Versa Gripps Pro

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If you are looking for a great pair of lifting straps, these are your best bet.  I have used Versa Gripps for years, and I hate to train back without them.  Versa Gripps contain a padded Velcro strap that keeps them securely attached to your wrist.  Instead of a canvas wrap or hooks, they have a thick, but flexible, rubber flap for gripping.  You end up securely strapped to the bar without the slipping of normal straps or disconnected feeling of hooks.  Here are some pros and cons of Versa Gripps Pro:




  • Completely Slip Free, incredible gripping action with Any Weight
  • Quick and Easy to Attach to Bar, No Twisting is Required
  • Well Padded; Comfortable and do not dig into wrist like canvas
  • Can be Used as a Strap for pulling, or a glove for pushing
  • Enables you to pull weight




  • Price $52.50
  • They will wear out after a few years of consistant use
  • People will steal these if you leave them in the weight room by mistake



Overall, these straps are great, especially for things like deadlifts, shrugs, rows, pulldowns, chins, and hanging leg raises.  If your back strength is exceeding your grip strength, I highly recommend a pair of Versa Gripps Pro.   They are costly, but well worth it if you love training back as much as I do.

You can purchase these online at: www.versagripps.com

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