Athlete lifting weights in one of his training splits.
Athlete lifting weights in one of his training splits.

Bodybuilding Secrets Behind Training Splits and High Intensity Training Workouts

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                Bodybuilding is not about mediocrity.  Bodybuilding leans more towards the extreme; extreme muscle size, extreme leanness, and along with that goes taking your workouts to the extreme. No matter what your training splits are, whether its a 3 day full body workout routine or you workout 6 days a week, you need intensity to maximize the effects of your workout.  I don’t mean to sound like some cheesy energy drink commercial here, but sometimes in the gym you really have to take it to the limit.  In other words, you have to generate sufficient INTENSITY.



            We’ve all seen the people in the gym just going through the motions, come in a do their 3 day full body workout routine.  Some do lots of good exercises but stop before the pain threshold.  They fear the physical and mental pain of taking it that far.  Others just steer clear of the exercises that are challenging.  That’s fine for them.  They pay their membership and can work out however they like.  So long as they know that they probably aren’t going to make much progress training this way.  But for those of you who want to see to it that you become the best that you can be, believe me, you’ve got to push it!


ProAthlete360 Mass Building Routine Sample Workout
Day1/3 Exercise SetsxReps Day 2/4 Exercise SetsxReps
Squats 6x15 Floor Crunches 3x25
RDL's 5x15 Bench Press 6x15
Leg Extensions 3x15 Incline Press 5x15
Hanging Leg Raises 3x15 BB Upright Rows 4x15
Low CC Rows 5x15 Seated Military Presses 5x15
Lat Pulldowns 5x20 Incline BB Tricep Extensions 4x15
Standing BB Curls 4x10 Hang Clean & Jerk 4x15
Seated Incline DB Curls 4x10 BB Reverse Grip Curl 4x8
Seated Calf Raises 5x12 Wrist Curls 4x12
Standing Calf Raises 5x20











Your body is amazing at adapting to its environment.  This is really what bodybuilding is all about.  Give your body stimulation that it is not equipped to handle, and, given proper diet, it will adapt and grow to meet that new demand.  There you go.  That’s basically it.  The question is: can you push yourself to that point which demands growth?  If you can’t, you need to work on your intensity in the gym.  High intensity training workouts are about pushing out an extra rep when your body says it’s done, its drop setting those laterals when your delts are already screaming at you to stop, its pushing out 20 reps on the squats when you think you only have 15.  Work out in this manner and you’ll be sure to spark growth.

There are lots of ways to generate intensity in your training splits and workouts.  Try some good hard music, or think about something that motivates you to achieve your goals.  Get angry, go into your own little world, do whatever you need to do.  When you’re apprehensive of the pain you are about to inflict on yourself, just remember: the harder your workout is, the greater the rush of endorphins will be afterwards.  So please, for your own good, train with intensity so that you can reap the benefits of all those hours spent in the gym!

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