HIIT Training: Cardio Tennis Drills With Speed

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     Conditioning is essential to being an elite tennis player at the professional level and by using cardio tennis drills, you improve your tennis game and increase your chances of making it there. Since tennis is high intensity and all about fast movements and cuts, using a high intensity interval training (HIIT) workout strength and conditioning program will get you where you need to be.  So, the tennis weightlifting routine would normally be three times a week, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Where as your hard conditioning days would be Tuesday and Thursday. Break up the cardio tennis drills and runs into exercises covering either thirty seconds or sixty seconds.  The first level, the first two weeks of training, you will do sets of eight runs.  If you get the run done in 30 seconds, then you rest for 90 seconds.  If you are doing a HIIT run and you complete it in 60 seconds, then you rest for one hundred and twenty seconds.

      The second level of training is set up the same way except now you run ten times.  If you are doing a 30 second excercise, then you rest 60 seconds before going again.  If you are doing a 60 second excercise, then you rest 90 seconds.

      The third level of training, for advanced and well conditioned tennis players is again the same thing as the second round EXCEPT now you are running 12 to 14 times.  If the excercise is 30 seconds, you are rewarded a long 30 second rest.  If the excercise is 60 seconds, then you get a super long 60 seconds rest.

      I think you see where this training routine is going.  This is a hard workout system, but it will give you incredible results if you stick with it!  Check out the excercise in the video for an idea of what we are talking about and set up your strength and conditioning program accordingly to perfect your tennis game.  Remember to keep checking back for more right here on ProAthlete360.com!


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