Rugby Instruction: A Breakdown of Quick, Accurate Passing with Rugby Passing Drills

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Being a decent passer is one of the most important and fundamental skills that a rugby player should learn and incorporate into their workout routines.  There are many different passes that a rugby player can execute, a pop pass and a lateral pass are a couple of the type of passes that a rugby player can execute.  In this instructional on passing, West Virginia University's Rugby Scrummie Owen McAnteer goes over the basics of the pass and also how a serious Rugby passer makes the read to pass versus juke the defender versus other options. Pay close attention to the detail of the reads of an advanced Rugby player and learn how to add to their workout routines, make the proper reads with regard to the reaction of the defender. 



Rugby Video Transcription:  Holding the ball with two hands, make sure that your arms are facing to the front at your chest level,remember that your elbows are slightly bent while your fingers are spread as wide as possible along the seams of the ball. 

There is an opposition in this incidence like here, like if I'm going up trying to attack, hangs out, hands out, ball's in front of me ready to pass to either side. I watch the player in front of me, so I know where my people are and then to decide whether what she is doing, what she will do, will dictate what I do. So, if she still attacks straight towards me, off load, go off here towards the other guy. If she is waiting hanging out kind of flat-footed like this and I could probably offload, if she directs herself to the ball, it's easy to just dummy someone out. Dummy out is basically what we call our fake.

I always tend to watch the hips. Hips will dictate where the player is actually going to go because the hips will never lie as far as going one side or the other. So, if I'm looking over here and she turns her hips, her hips are pointed this way. I'm going to move in this open space. And if you're coming at me and you're standing straight coming, and she's going to attack me, her hips are coming right at me, I'm going to off load to whoever on one side of the other, and then the pass, actually stand right there.

The pass is pretty simple. When you're actually going to pass, you actually going to step with that front foot, and then you are going to point the toe towards your player or towards the space that you want your player to run onto the ball. It's nice and easy because what typically happens is it's just that hook and ladder concept of football, so that we're constantly moving the ball back and forth, everything like that .

So, if I break down, this is where my space is, and all of a sudden this is where my tackler is. The tackler is going to get me, and then I just look and I off load. So, when my toe is always all kind of pointed, my hips are directed towards where I want the ball.



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