What is MMA Fighting? How to Become an MMA Fighter Using Endurance Training Workouts

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Pro Athlete 360 sits down with Pro MMA Fighter Johnny Buck, aka "BUCK NASTY", where he answers "what is MMA fighting?" and other questions.  Johnny Buck fights for Team Huskey out of Black Eye Entertainment, in Asheville, North Carolina.   The 5'10" 170 pounder was a Division One college wrestler before getting into Mixed Martial Arts. Buck's success is due to his incredible coaching and the fact that Buck hates to lose.  Buck's coach, international catch wrestling instructor Johnny Huskey, has taken Buck's game to the next level, while Buck's incredible work ethic and commitment to his craft is preparing him for a run to the top.


     In this segment, Johhny Buck goes over the importance of cardio training and endurance training workouts.  Buck explains how training is essential to being a pro MMA fighter and has advice for others on how to get the conditioning done.



In any cardio sport, such as: wrestling, boxing, grappling, and especially mixed martial arts, where you have to do endurance training workouts, you have to be in shape to be successful. One of my boxing coaches who was fat and out of shape at the time, used to say “I can stand toe to toe with anybody for 30 seconds. I have the technique to do that. But when you get tired then your technique goes out the window.” So, the big thing we stress here at Blackeye Fitness Center for our fighters, especially on team Huskie is conditioning, conditioning, conditioning! The one thing you can control in a fight is your cardio. So if the gym is closed, you can run. If the weather sucks outside, do 500 squats, 500 push-ups and 500 sit-ups and cycle. There's always something you can do. That's one thing you can control.




We train a lot differently than other gyms train. We are more ground-based consisting of wrestling, submissions, and things relating to those activities. You have to incorporate everything though. This is UFC 1 so you won’t see just a wrestler, boxer, or just the jujitsu guy. Actually, in UFC 1, just so everybody knows, wrestling is banned because they know how dominant [wrestlers] are. So, that's one thing you can see that is different now. Even from the beginning, they understood what wrestling would do.


As far as strength and conditioning goes? It is mostly bodyweight stuff and endurance training workouts. At most, I was using 110 dumbbells for farmers walks and that's about the extent of it. It doesn't matter if you can bench 500 pounds. If you cannot do it for 25 minutes, there's no point in doing it at all. It is a very endurance-based program. We do a lot of cycling on spin bikes and focus on body weight. And, it’s not distance running where we are running for miles, but 400-meter high intensity drills is also incorporated. However, primarily our conditioning is done on the mat and in the cage. What better place to train than where you compete? You don't practice football on a baseball field, you know? You don't do track and field on a soccer field. You play how you train, and that's one of those styles that we have that differs from other places. You see those guys who look like Arnold Schwarzenegger in the early 80’s, and those are the guys I like the best to fight. Especially the juiceheads, they'll blow up in 30 seconds because their cardio is done. They'll look really good in their stare down, but I'll go in there with a grin on my face and if I weather the storm that's it, it's done. I have fought a few of those guys and my teammates have fought a few of those guys. We don't look like bodybuilders and we don't look like poster boys for your MMA supplement companies and gear companies but we’re the ones you worry about, you know? The guy who looks like he's been working at an iron factory for 20 years, that's the one you worry about because of that functional strength. So, we train a little differently here.




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