How to Cut Weight Fast Before Your Next MMA Fight

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Quick scenario.

You are a day away from weigh ins, your 16 pounds over and you have to figure out how to cut weight fast or you don’t get paid, possibly suspended and fined. 8 week training camp goes to waste and you possibly LOSE money! What do you do?

You can’t starve yourself to death or you will have no energy for the fight so you have to eat but what? Let me break it down like this. No matter how fast of a car you have it can’t win the race with no gas. In terms of how to cut weight fast, our bodies are the same way.



Protein rich foods.

Great for building and maintaining muscle, about 4 calories per gram for energy. But protein sits heavy in the stomach and digests slowly.



High calories/gram ratio at around 9 so stay away from them if possible but if you are going to eat something make it from nuts, olive oil etc,


Carbs your best friend

Here is where cutting weight gets tricky. Yes is about 4 cal/gram same as protein BUT its the fuel (gas for the fast car) you need to work. I know it seems crazy because you have been monitoring your carbs the past few weeks. So here is a sample diet for how to cut weight fast for day before and morning of weigh ins. And yes. You need to eat morning of weigh ins. You should still be cutting the last few pounds that day.


Day before

Wake up

8 oz water. 1-2 oz of lemon juice mixed.


Orange or apple


workout for weight cut (see The Workout article)


12-16 oz lemon juice water mix.


Steamed Rice about 1 cup

1/2 orange before bed

Day of weigh ins.


Wake up

Eat immediately

1/2 orange

4-8oz water orange juice mix

Rest until about 3-4 hrs before weigh in.


Workout workout workout

“The Workout” Grappling, Spin bike, Stair Stepper whatever it is.




Weigh in. Make weight and Rehydrate and REFUEL!!!!

More on the refuel later. Some tested methods from The Citadel Wrestling team mixed with my own mix.

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