MMA HIIT Training Workouts to Fight at the Top Level

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There is a lot of dialogue on the internet about weight cutting, weight loss, and pre weigh in ideas. I have been cutting weight for the past 4 years in preparation for MMA fights and I am here to share my methods and workout routines with you.


My method is called "The Workout," it is the best circuit workout for MMA.  It is a combination of body weight exercises and sprints.

Broken down, my workout looks like this.


20 sets

1 set consists of:

   Squats X10

   Push upsX10

   Mountain climbersX10


   SprintX10 (The distance should be in between 45 and 50 feet)


Each of the exercises is intended to work on your SPEED which makes it the best workout circuit to help get ready for your MMA fight. Quarter squats, half pushups, fast crunches, quick mountain climbers. SPEED!!!! The sprint should be a bout 85 to 90%.


If you have a partner start grappling lightly in between sets for about 10 minutes. Don’t grapple sloppily and  KEEP MOVING!!!! 10 to 15 mins then back to the next set.


Another variation is to have your partner call out the particular exercise in the set and tell you when to sprint. Avoid sprinting and squats back to back, this is just for cutting weight, not strength. Be sure you transition quickly between each excercise. Fast transitions between exercises. Keep the heart rate up.


These are tried and true Buck Nasty workout routines and techniques for cutting weight before an MMA fight. I HATE the sauna and spitting. Nothing will ehaust your legs faster than 105+ heat for extended periods of time.


This is a great workout. I often do this with my personal training clients. On rounds 10-1 shoot for times under 4:00. 


Hope this was a little insight into the world of weight cutting for an MMA fight. My next article will focus on what you diet should look like the week before a competition.



I’m out.


Buck Nasty


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