A Pro MMA Instructional on Making Your Opponent TAP Out: The Power of Hadaka-Jime

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     Pro MMA Fighter Johnny Buck, aka "BUCK NASTY", who fights for Team Huskey out of Black Eye Entertainment, in Asheville, North Carolina, goes over in technical detail how to apply a rear naked choke hold effectively.  Hadaka-Jime, which means "Naked Strangle", is a Judo and Jujutsu based rear naked chokehold.  A rear naked choke hold is a powerful chokehold that will quickly force your opponent into submission by one of two possible techniques.  Either arm may be used, however, the important thing is to know how and where to apply pressure as efficiently as possible. Remember, it is not so simple to choke somebody out when they are fighting back so learning the angles is absolutely essential to having an effective chokehold in your arsenal.  


Pressure should be applied to the throat and by doing the flow of oxygen to the brain is completely restricted, thereby forcing an opponent into a quick submission. Other holds, such as the Gyaku-Juji-Jime, apply pressure more on the lateral parts of the neck honing in on the carotid artery or even the vertebral artery, between the subclavian artery and the foramina transversaria, and focus restricting blood flow to the brain. 




Mixed Martial Arts Video Transcription:

     This is a variation of a rear naked choke. Hadaka Jime is a Judo term for basically just the same kind of move. You see a lot of guys show technique here, and that's actually really good rear naked choke technique. It taps quick, which you want. But how practical in a fight is it to get your arm all the way in, grab your elbow, put your other hand back on the top of their head? When he's defending it's not real easy. Even with Tristan being a younger kid, go ahead and defend.


     It's hard for me to really fight my hand in there, it's just a lot of space. So we'll do a little bit variation of it. All right? So Faydor [SP] is one of the best at it, you'll see his choke. He crushed about 500 ponds of force, it's a lot of strength. So same kind of thing, even if he defends, he to still goes defense. Go ahead and defend. All right, my wrist bones already in. So all I'm doing here, this hand down, this hand up, and squeeze. See, that's how you know you did it right.


     All right, he tapps instantly. You know, if he's a little tougher, he'll could take it a little longer, but he's not. So right here, so to brake it down a little bit more. This hand, the bottom hand goes down his back and the top hand, the one attacking his throat, you bring the elbow behind his shoulder. You really just crush his windpipe more than anything. It's faster, it's easier I think, and it has less room for error.


     If you screw it up you're still behind, you're not over exposed where you can roll and stuff like that. Instead everything we do in the catch wrestling style is tighter, faster and meaner. So like I said, you can do your nice traditional rear necked choke and get a tap, or you can get the panic tap. And that's Hadaka Jime.


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