Lacrosse Offensive Skill Development: Passing the Ball With Precision and Velocity

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     In this session, Pro Athlete 360 takes it to the lacrosse field to show how to pass with precision. It is important for all players to learn how to throw the lacrosse ball with both hands.  It takes a lot of repititions to perfect passing, which is often overlooked as a skill.  However, without a precise pass, a player will throw off a teammate's shot, or stall an attack, and will give the defense time to recover.  Throwing the lacrosse ball should place the ball at around the shoulder level of the teammate the lacrosse ball is being passed.  You always want to lead a player off the move when giving him, or her, a pass!  Throwing at the player will only end up being behind that player by the time it reaches them.  Remember to snap your wrists as the stick comes down from behind your head and follow through by pointing the stick directly at your targetas the ball is released into the air.  Throwing the lacrosse ball is a full body movement and it starts with your legs.  The legs should never be lined up evenly, but, instead the feet should be staggered allowing you to rotate your hips to generate speed on the ball instead of just the upper body!





Lacrosse Video Transcription: How I explain passing, if you've ever been fishing, it's the exact same thing as casting it out. Hands away from your body. Step and cast. Cast the lure out. Cast the bobber out. Just cast. If you're new to the sport it's probably the most simplistic way to explain it. Just cast. If you're hitting the wall, picture part of the wall, try to hit that spot every time. If you have a partner, sticks should be up in the box like Clark's is. You just cast it out. Extend the arms nice and easy. A little turn in the body, always step with the opposite foot. So with the right handed step with the left. Just extend it out. It's all it is.

You always want to try and work both hands. With the left hand step with the right. It's the exact same thing. Just cast it out. It's a great starting point and as you get better, more comfortable try different passes, you can try a cross over pass. All it is is a face dodge but you snap your wrist. So it looks like this. Again, extend your arms out. All a cross over is is you catch it, your guy's on you here and your left hand isn't that good for instance, cross it over and extend it out. You work on the wall, bam, both hands. Cross over and a pass. So it's here, bam, arms away from the body, elbows away from the body. Just snap the wrist straight up, just like you're casting. It's all it is. It can be done, depending on how strong and good you are, you can do it from any range as long as you understand it. The fundamentals, you cross, you snap. Very simple.

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