Lacrosse Instructional: How to Shoot a Lacrosse Ball on the Move With the Fastest Lacrosse Shot

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      In this segment we break down the game to show players how to shoot off the move, having both the fastest lacrosse shot that you can and still be accurate.  Whether you are a pro, in college, or in high school mastering the fundamentals and learning tips and checkpoints with your skillwork is essential to your success.  James Gurick will be teaching in this lesson.  As a serious player and student of the game his entire life, Gurick teaches Lacrosse at an exceptional level.  Before coaching and teaching the game at an advanced level,  Gurick played for Salisbury College where he went on to win not one, but two NCAA National Championships.  Gurick has played lacrosse all over Europe and  went on to training camp for over 5 weeks with the Major League Lacrosse (MLL) Boston Cannons. His love for the game, his experiences and accomplishments as a player, and his simplistic approach to the game makes him a great teacher for players of all levels.



Lacrosse Video Transcription:


We're going to work on for the midi's [sp] right now, shooting on the run from up top. You want to make some sort of split dodge. I'm not a fan of rolling from up top, because it kills your head of steam toward the cage. Say I'm coming down, I split dodge, which is right here, it's a dodge set for your hands. A split dodge left to right as I'm running towards the cage. I never want to run straight, I want to run at sort of an angle. I always want to shoot far pipe, so in this case it's going to be low left.

So I'm running, I snap my wrist, turn the trunk, snap my wrist. End up moving towards the cage after the shot. So as I'm coming down, do a little split here, end up moving towards the cage after your shot. What that's going to do, is give you more momentum when you shot, more momentum going towards the cage. Less of a chance your going to miss the cage. Even if you can't pick a corner, you want to make sure you make the goalie make the save. Don't make the goalie look good. Make him earn it. Again, one of the most important things, snapping your wrist down. Your stick should end up here, always try to change planes when you load up high. So if I'm here, I'm trying to shoot far pipe, low left. I'm coming in, make the move, and just turn your body aim low far pipe.


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