Lacrosse Instruction on Proper Technique for the Ground Ball

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     In this segment, Pro Athlete 360 hits the LAX field with Jame Gurick to go over lacrosse ball handling and how to pick up a groundball, and how to do it quickly and on the move.  Some factors that go into a groundball scoop are a low center of gravity starting with the knees bent and butt down and back.  As the lacrosse player is coming into the ground ball the stick needs to be parallel to the ground and as the stick is colaxstickming in for the pickup it should be touching the ground behind where the ball is laying or rolling. 


     Before coaching and teaching the game at an advanced level,  James Gurick played for Salisbury College and went on to win not one, but two NCAA National Championships.  Gurick has played lacrosse all over Europe and  went on to training camp for over 5 weeks with the Major League Lacrosse (MLL) Boston Cannons. His love for the game, his experiences and accomplishments as a player, and his simplistic approach to the game makes him a great teacher for players of all levels.



Lacrosse Video Trancription:  All right. We're going to go just through, Karl can I just go through some of the basic skills that everyone needs while they're youth, college, high school, so on and so forth. We're going to start with a ground ball. One thing I see from a lot of the younger kids especially, is they're coming in for ground balls and they're going at it like this. All right. If you're running and you're going in for a ground ball like that, and say you're on a field like this. You're going to hit a little divot and go over the ball, or you either stick it and it hit you in the leg, you may fall over.

It's not what you want, so how do I get around? I'd say, take both hands down. All right? This is not what you want. You want to get in, you want to get low. Both arms extended, scoop through it. On ground balls you can not be afraid to get your nose dirty, you're going to get hit. You're going to get hit, it's a part of the game. Just very simple, except that, that's why a lot of people like it. Lacrosse is rough, it fast, it's physical, it's finesse, it's everything any kids looking for in a sport.

So you're coming in, again don't go like this. You want to come in, run through it, get low, scoop through and bring it up to protect. That's all it is. I'll do it one more time. You just run through it, both hands low, whole body's bent, scoop through it. With both hands low the balls just going to go right and stick. You don't have to worry about divots, it's just bam. Very simple.

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