Inside Lacrosse Recruiting: How Successful Lacrosse Recruits Stay Ahead of The Curve (Video)

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   There are many good lacrosse players out there and you've got to get inside lacrosse secrets to stay ahead of the game.  Unfortunately, there are not nearly as many college scholarships, or even playing opportunitiesas as there are lax players.  The best players do not always get the opportunity to play at the next level.  There are some key things to remember when going through the recruiting process.  We recommend making an online lacrosse profile, which you can do right here on  Put up your photos, your highlight reels, gametape, stats, and use that page as a portal to direct coaches and scouts. 

     Coaches and scouts will easily and efficiently be able to view your online athlete profile with the ease of just going to your profile page.  Coaches are dealing with a lot of players and making it easier on them will better guarantee getting your game seen.  Also, you will not have to pay for DVD's, letters, etc and have to mail them off.  Just include an email with an intro paragraph about who you are, and then send them your weblink.  Make sure to be actively contacting schools by making your list of coaches with schools you feel you can absolutely play for, schools that you think you can play for, and then schools you are not sure you can play for but want to. The summer time is an important time, as well, for lacrosse players with all the camps and clinics.  Be sure that you are active and outgoing during the summer!  Ask questions and meet people including coaches and scouts and talk with them.



Lacrosse Video Transcription :  A lot of parents come to talk to me and ask me how they can get their son or daughter out there to college recruiters and coaches. The first thing you can do is to go to that particular school's website and find out the contact information for college's athletic department, more specifically that head coaches of that sport. Let them know that your son or daughter is interested in attending that school. Each school, no matter what school it is, has their own recruiting tactics that they do. To each his own, okay, I'm not to just have one tactic or strategy because this school does it, per se, I'm going to find what works best for me. The most simple thing to do is to reach out to that particular school or coach and introduce yourself. Do not send them a highlight reel, nobody wants to see a highlight reel, that will actually hurt your chances. Send them an entire game, so that they can see how your son or daughter plays. Do not just Send them the good things but the entire game, so that they can see your potential see your potential to grow into their specific program. Never send only a highlight reel because it may look good, but if you talk with the top-notch coaches in the country they have seen it before. They want to see your actual play, they don't want to just see you looking good.



There are websites out there that specialize in college coach contact information, where they get you all the contact information out there. There are many resources on there , you can just Google it. But whatever you do, keep it simple. The coaches, the program tool lets you know if they're very serious and interested, they're just not going to waste your time. But make sure that you reach out there and introduce yourself. Reach out to the program of your choice and make your introduction. Send them a full game, not a highlight reel. And remember that each coaches have their own specific way on how they want to pursue and how they're going to bring athletes in to tell you either that I'm sorry it's not going to work out, or it is going to work out and here is what we can do for you.



It also depends on your geographic location. I know that Northern Virginia, there are one or two companies around here that help with lacrosse recruiting packages. Personally, I wouldn’t say that I am directly involved with the Great Falls lacrosse, but a lot of the training I do and many of the students I work with are part of Great Falls lacrosse. What that does is that each section or each geographic location has its own specific thing. But as for high school students coming, make sure that you focus on the leagues, the camps, the AAU travel teams, the all-star teams, those options are out there.


So, whether you are out here in Northern Virginia or even New York, or California, just use the Internet because I know everybody in this day and age everybody is technologically savvy. Everybody has a website, Facebook page, a twitter account. If you do any type of research and use any type of effort you will find the right league, the teams, the travel teams, the college recruiting camps, college recruiting tournaments, the coaches, and find where they evaluate players and it is just all about making a little bit of an effort. It really is that simple. For me, I went to the New England top 150 which is a lacrosse camp up in Massachusetts, along with the several recruiting camps the summer before my senior year. When you go to camps like that it is all coaches. The coaches are around there walking around 24-7. They're evaluating, watching your behavior, your skill on the field and how you conduct yourself on and off the field. A lot of them I know have interview sessions, and you can go talk to coaches, you can give them your information, you can take their information. They make it very simple, the only thing is that you have to do the research and find out what camp and what colleges you want to attend. I you are slightly standout player in high school then chances are that you will receive letters in the mail inviting you to these camps and clinics.


If you want to market yourself if you want to play college lacrosse then get out there! Hit the wall until the cage breaks down. You work hard every day of the week. Even if you are not physically playing lacrosse, at least always be thinking lacrosse and always mentally get in the zone, if you shine on the field, college lacrosse coaches will really come around and big things will start to happen for you on and off the field, and that's how it is in the sport of lacrosse and in the game of life. So, keep working on your game, keep improving your skills, you talk to these high school coaches, maybe they have contacts to lacrosse at the collegiate level. And they can more than help you get recruited to any school you want to, as long as you're willing to make the effort.





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