How to Become a Golf Pro Physically: Advanced Workouts For Golfers

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There are two main keys in workouts for golfers: strengthening of the core and developing of power and strength while maintaining and advancing muscle and joint flexibility. As elite level golfers, we do not want to gain weight or become bulky, which would hinder our progress toward becoming a golf pro. Rather, we are focusing on speed on the lift, precision in the execution, and maintaining control the entire way. It is also important to have a lifting program that specifically works muscle groups in a balanced manner.




Muscle balance is most important in golf development. Supersets and workout days where you train both sides of the muscle are important. Plyometrics for golfers are essential to their success. Activating the entire body by maintaining balance and strong posture against the force of gravity can really help you learn your own body’s strength and ability on a whole new level. There are many different types of plyometrics to focus on but the most important plyometrics are going to be box jumps. Specifically for golfers, jump ups onto an elevated platform with a soft landing and hold is one great workout. The other essential plyometrics workout for serious golfers would be the depth jump and hold. Here the athlete would be on an elevated platform of 2 to 3 feet. Take a step off of the box and as you land, you want to land on the balls of your feet, knees slightly bent just like your stance when you are teeing off, and you want to land as softly as possible. When you land, remember to stay balanced, and centered. To ensure you land and absorb correctly, stick and hold the landing in place without moving your feet for a minimum of 3 seconds.



Lateral lunges (equivalent of my side squat) aids in hip rotation, gives your swing more power, and helps you to strengthen in a balanced way your hips and groin and lower back and glutes. Weighted hyper back extension one day a week, ham body raises another day, back extensions with weight and arms fully extended another day. For balance, use a rubber balance disc that you stand on or use jump soles with a rubber ball that fits into the base of the shoe. One leg ankle rolls both ways. Balanced walk with one leg high on toe pause. The amount of weight used by a golfer is not so much important. Keeping reps of weights clean, with speed with equal power, not moving heavy weights slowly! Working with reps 40 to 60 percent of your max is smart in workouts for golfers.


For example, when doing the bench press for speed, we are not saying go hard and fast dropping the bar down hard and then shooting up hard. We mean the explosion from the chest out to arms extended should be fast and powerful…while the lowering of the weights should be nice slow and steady. We will break down workouts now and explain where to use the changes of speed, going slower in some areas of the workout make it harder and are just as important as the speed explosive movement out. The better in shape you are as a golfer the better mentally you will be and the better decisions you make will be, which is critical in golf.


  • Workout one: On your knees, abs rotations on the triceps pull-down
  • Workout two: One leg stability working hips to make you better balanced and stable
  • Workout three: Sidewalks with a band. Have the band about 3 to 4 inches up from your knee. Now step laterally to your side, when that foot has extended and landed, slowly and in control bring the other leg in the same direction to land shoulder width apart. Repeat. Remain controlled movements; do not let legs touch together!
  • Workout four: Back lunges with a medicine ball twist Stabilize spine, rotation, hip flexors, hip extensions, many golfers train, and use to much back in their swings and when they train but the key is the hips. The stronger hips will better balance your strength between your hips and back and will give your core better explosiveness and strength which will translate to a more powerful and smooth swings! With better range and less east to west movement on the plan of the swing. In addition, you will have better drive and follow thru on the shots as you will better coordinate and shift your balance forward with the contact of the club to the ball!

The following are some of the exercises you should focus on for your weight lifting routines:

  • Bench Press
  • One arm bent row
  • 3 way shoulder
  • lat pull-down
  • triceps
  • biceps
  • Squat
  • RDL or Single Leg RDL’s
  • inner thigh pull
  • lunges
  • ham body raise
  • calf machine
  • hyperextension Medicine ball
  • Cable Cord Workouts

Bands and plyometric type training is essential for golf. This includes equipment such as Joey D Bands and medicine balls. Golf Bands workout Forearm workouts—get club hold at end, keep arm down by side, and forearm out at 90 degree angle then rotate back and forth then change grip and repeat. Then do it going up and down then reverse grip backwards up and down.. Big ball…upper back is resting on ball, your arms are out extended straight. Core is flexed so that there is a bridge in lower back. Keep feet planted on ground and then roll the ball back and forth. Stay in same position and do the Russian Twist. Arms are out straight in front of you in the air. Arms are together and now move your arms back and forth pausing at the top. Get small weights… Roll up more on the ball so that abs are actually being stretched as the curvature of the lower back fits with the curve of the ball and begin doing crunches. Have hands behind the bend. Go slow and controlled and pause at top. For forearm workouts get the club hold at end, keep arm down by side, and forearm out at 90 degree angle then rotate back and forth then change grip and repeat. Then do it going up and down then reverse grip backwards up and down. By using these workouts for golfers will help on how to become a golf pro.

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