How to Become a Golf Pro: Advanced Workouts for Hitting the Golf Ball

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      We are going to go through an advanced professional golf workout routine that will help teach you how to become a golf pro and improve your consistency hitting the golf ball. It will not include reps and percentages, order of routines, and more but merely advanced workouts that the pros do and a description of how to do them. For complete copies of professional golf workouts look for their release in the near future here at Now, it is preferable to get it done early in the morning and then hit the course for drills, followed by playing. It is important to realize that golf is a game of rhythm, control, and smoothness. This starts in the golfer’s warm up. It is important to note that the golfer’s warm up should not be static stretching. Instead, it should be dynamic warming up and stretching.
For the first stretch, we will begin with band ham stretches.

      Laying on your back, wrap a band around your foot and pull on it bringing your leg up as high as you can keeping it as straight as you can. Help your leg get past the point it would normally get by pulling the band up with your hands. Do two sets of 10. Stretch number two is the lying hip twist. For this stretch you can use a band or just your body. This really helps with flexibility in your torso and will help improve the range and speed of your swing. Lay on your back keeping your right leg straight. Take your left leg and straighten it out, keeping it perpendicular to your Right leg at, as close, to 90 degrees as possible. As you take that extended left leg and extend it out, try to touch your arm on the opposite side while keeping your back as much on the ground as you can. Stretch number three is the seated butt stretch. Find a seat, cross one leg over a 90 degree bent opposite leg. Rest your ankle on the knee. Slowly push the inside of your knee down and then let it come back up slowly. Repeat this for two sets of ten on each leg. Remember that once you begin getting fuller range of motion, push a little more and a little more, you should feel it in your gluteus maximus. The next stretch that is a great stretch to do is the hand walk up. Here you Hand walks Lunge with forearm to instep Leg cradle-Walk take opposite leg up as if a butt stretch then come up on your toes. Rotational shoulder stretch-stretches and strengthens shoulder and upper back. To work your core and hips, this next workout will be the rotation or trunk twist. Get a bar on your upper back in position to swing club. Rotate by using your hips, side to side so that bar is facing towards your starting position, this will help your torque when you are hitting the golf ball. For this next workout, lay on your back and raise butt off ground and lock it out while heels stay on ground and so does upper back..(Same as what I do with one leg) Side lying hip rotation-rename— On knees and hands-arms extended. Flexing lower back up and down. Then in same position taking arm bringing to back of head and bringing the elbow down and then up… Superman and Single leg superman’s. The 6 inch hold and 6 inch hold with a medicine ball Watching TV hold, and one leg hold, and side abs hold and raise Watching TV hold on your sides-raising leg up Big ball…upper back is resting on ball, your arms are out extended straight. Core is flexed so that there is a bridge in lower back. Keep feet planted on ground and then roll the ball back and forth.

      Stay in same position and do the Russian Twist. Arms are out straight in front of you in the air. Arms are together and now move your arms back and forth pausing at the top. Get small weights… Roll up more on the ball so that abs are actually being stretched as the curvature of the lower back fits with the curve of the ball and begin doing crunches. Have hands behind the bend. Go slow and controlled and pause at top. Squat…Put the band a couple inches above the knee, and do sever squats and holds. This is a great workout for your hips and your base is strengthened and will help eliminate lateral movement during your swing. When you go down to squat slightly…Just a slight bend in the knees, back straight chest out with good posture. Take your knees and squeeze them in and out. Keep your feet on the ground and shoulder width apart as you would for your swing. Do one leg at a time while keeping the other leg planted and nonmoving. Next, straighten your legs and posture as if your entire body was a board, Keeping your feet parallel and facing each other begin side step then slide the other leg back to the same distance as it was when you started. Inside of shoulder width apart, around a foot apart.


     Medicine balls, cables, bands, and free weights are what elite level golfers need to excel and will be great tools for hitting the golf ball. Medicine balls can greatly improve the strength and power of the core of the golfer. Medicine ball throws also forces the body to link hip rotation from the core and translates that power from the trunk all the way through to the hands, which will allow you to translate that power through your hands as your golf swing. Medicine Ball Lifts (Important Note: The execution of these movements should be explosive on the lift as fast as possible while maintain absolute control on the path of the medicine ball and on the stop and return movement of the ball, especially. When returning the ball to the starting point follow the exact same path in a much slower motion but while maintaining that flexed posture and grip. The key is to be crisp on and consistent on the arcs of the ball, and maintaining perfect balance the entire time!)
Standing Cross Chops, Both Sides Left ankle to right shoulder Right ankle to Left shoulder          
Middle to High
Left knee to right shoulder, Right knee to left shoulder
Between legs overhead back throw
Outside knee to opposite hip, both sides

Extended Right leg Lunge-left hip to high right, right hip to left high (then Switch legs)
Hip to opposite shoulder w/lunge, both ways then switch lunge leg

One Arm Medicine Ball Pushups

Back lunge with a twist-stretching hip flexors, strengthening legs-45 pound weight plate Repeat above but now explode and release the ball of a wall, or to a partner, at the peak of the explosive movement! Do Pushups with arms balancing on a small med ball… Lower back raises-hold at top and with light weights in both arms arms slightly bent flex your upper back and work your rotational cuffs by bringing the weight up with a flexed back and hold…then down and repeat. Repeat same drill with arms bent at 90 degrees. Have legs on top of big bouncy ball, put weight on top of upper back, and then pull the ball with your legs back and forth.
Another important training tool for Pro Golfers are cables. Weight lifting while emphasizing control and balance. For many of the cable routines you can look to the previously mentioned medicine ball routines and instead of the medicine ball implement cable cords. Remember to maintain remember that on the movements that are not going against resistance, you want to create resistance while marinating control and balance by controlling the weight slower than when you explode against the resistance. Perform these workouts on a regular basis and you are one step closer on how to become a golf pro.

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