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     When I first started to use the impact bag, I felt like there just wasn't enough to it, and I didn't have enough creativity to understand how many ways there are to use one of these impact bags. Very initially, when you start working with somebody, you want to give them a really good idea as to how much flexibility and looseness there should be in the wrist when applying.



Once you get their grip on there, one of the things you want them to do is just come down and just hit the impact bag with just the wrist right here. When you get this mobility with just the wrist, it really gives you a good idea as to how to have really good fluidity in the wrist, the hands, the rotation of forearms. You can only get that by just allowing the club to just basically drop.


Now, we can do the same thing obviously with the club down here, with the speed bag. We're going to take this speed bag and put it right in the middle of the stance here, and when we bring the club back and then come in with the bag, we want to make sure that the club head narrows very, very square through impact and that we're getting our hands in front of the bag before the impact happens. So, that's the typical use and the function of using one of these speed bags.


In the event that you had somebody that was going to be hitting a lot of shanks, that's a shot where a player is having a tendency to hit it on the hosel and it sends the ball like a rocket, sideways right. So, what you want to do is take the impact bag, set it here, and then allow them to hit a number of shots from this position right here, and it's very likely that the shank is going to go away. They're going to be avoiding the bag in so many ways that it's going to allow them to fix that shank almost immediately. The typical reaction when hitting a shank is that the person brings the club a little over the top going towards the golf ball, and now as a result of that, it hits here and obviously it's going to send the ball to the right.


So, any time that a player is rolling the left wrist and the left hand too much, they have a tendency to bring the club way too far inside. So, what we want to do is bring the club back more at an extension here, and if you have the impact bag down here, it won't allow you to come too far to the inside because you'll actually hit it. So, when we start bringing the club back, if a person is rolling the wrist of the left hand too much, it's going to roll the club. It's going to bring it way too far inside. So, what we want to do is we want to go ahead and take this club back, more in a straighter fashion here. We want to have an increase in range of motion. It's going to come a little bit inside, but it's not going to come in inside to hit the bag.


So, that's another good useful way to use one of these impact bags. Same thing now, if you had a tendency to come from the outside. Sometimes, I'll take a video, and I'll show a person that their club is actually coming from the outside of the bag in approaching the golf ball, and generally they'll either pull it or hook it as a result of coming from that angle. So from here, it's going to make you bring the club more from the inside.


If necessary, what you want to do is take the club here, so that you can see that there's like a little angle. I can't go straight back because we're not going to go straight back. It's just going to go slightly inside of there, and then when we hit a golf ball we also want to come from that inside position as well. We don't want to take the club from the outside to the inside. So, that's another way that you can use one of these impact bags.



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