A Breakdown and Analysis of Tiger Woods' Golf Swing

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All right. The very first thing I'll do is the same thing that we did before. I'll let you watch and see what it looks like in full motion. In full motion, he looks like he's really ripping the ball, and he's really swinging hard. Now, once we put it in slow motion, now it'll start to look a little bit different. You'll start to notice how much change of direction there is in his body. So, what you'll notice here is… The first thing I'll do is draw a little square here just you can see how solid he stays down and how much resistance creates and how much rotation he actually gets in his body.



Now, before he starts coming down, look at this. You've got to look very closely here because the hips start to go forward, and his hands haven't really done anything. See that rotation of the hips? So, the club's getting to the top. Now, watch the hips. It's getting to the top, and the hips are already changing directions. So, you had a total change of direction with the hips which means he's tremendously flexible. He's also very strong to be able to do that, and now he's really charging onto his left side.

You can see he's really maintained a tremendous amount of angle with his arms and his body here. The club is really held in position. That means he's not throwing it down at all. He's holding those angles, and now as he nears impact, his body really goes up and down. Actually, what's happening is he's really going back, really far and deep into his rear back leg, which is causing his head to go down. But then, he really fires everything through impact.

So, in fast motion, he looks like he exhorting himself a ton. In slow motion, you can tell it's really a combination of how his body transfers that actually produces so much arm and hand speed through impact. So, there he is in slow motion. He's loading, and now his body drives and changes direction. The major of his speed is actually going to happen more at impact and slightly before impact. Right about here, his hands are really going to fire through there, and you're going to see his arms rotate really fast which is really going to create a tremendous amount of club head speed as you go through impact, and then all the way into a full finish position.


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