Transitioning from NCAA Division I AA Football to Pro Football Overseas (Video)

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     Pro Football player Tory Cooper sits down with Pro Athlete 360 in a four part interview. He discusses many topics ranging from the recruiting process and going to the NFL combine tests to the steps you need to take to make it on the pro football level. In this part of the interview, Tory Cooper discusses transitioning from college to the pros. He discusses what NFL combine tests to expect and tryouts. Cooper also reveals the pro football recruiting and signing process and will help shine light on the entire process for players looking to play at a professional level. Cooper played college football at The Citadel where he became 4th in All-Time single game rushing with 201 yards in a single game in 2006, crushed The Citadel's All-Time single season rushing TD record with 19 in 2007, Scored 22 total touchdowns in 2007, and had the following:

  1. -Career Rushing: 1,871 rushing yards on 404 carries and 27 Touchdowns.
  2. He most recently played for the SWARCO RAIDERS where in the 2010 SEASON as RB/WR/KR/PR
  3. he played 9 Total Games while having 160 Carries for 1138 Yards
  4. 10 TD's
  5. 7.1 Yards/carry
  6. 126 yards/game RECEIVING
  7. 28 Receptions for 317 yards and 4 TD's with 11 Yards per catch
  8. Not to mention, 53 yards/game combining for 1,529 ALL PURPOSE YARDS and 170 ALL PURPOSE YARDS/GAME.





Football Video Transcription:  On the pro football level, I did really well in college, coming into my junior year we had our running backs getting hurt so I was able to get in the game. That 1st game I got in maybe in the 3rd quarter, I ended up rushing for 204 yards with 56 yards receiving and that was my break. From then on I did well for the next 2 1/2 years. Leading into my senior year, it's every little kids dream to play in the NFL, display at the pro level. So after the season I started training and got a chance to do two combines. A lot of the guys at the combines get overlooked because a lot of scouts come in and focus on the players that they want, that they’re recruiting. I feel like I did well, I'm really undersized for the NFL so being undersized you've really got it just blow it out of the water, your numbers have to be incredible pretty much to get looked at. And you do a 40 yard dash, bench press, vertical leap, broad jump, 5-10-5 drill, the 20 yard shuttle.


You start in the middle, and the cones are 5 yards apart, you pick which direction you want to go, you go 5 yards to the right, 10 yards to the next cone, and then you finish up 5 yards in the middle and they clock you at that. But the thing is just because you have great numbers doesn't mean that you're an awesome football player, you just might be a weight room freakor a combine freak as they call it. You just might be in the weight room, if you're a beast, you run through the cones, you run the 40 yard dash and your fast but when you get into pads and during football games you're a bust. Which goes the other way where 2 numbers aren't incredible but you get on the football field and you’re a playmaker, so they didn't really get to see that side of me because the combines I went into, they focus on a certain number of guys and when it came to working out, the football workouts what the coaches focus on, the running drills, catching the ball I didn't get to do it.


They sat us on the sideline, we pretty much just got overlooked and there's nothing we could do about it. That went on, then the draft went and all the free-agents got signed and I still wanted to play so I got in touch with one of my old teammates at a Citadel game that I went back to and he told me about this website. He put the profile we can put up your stats, all your combine numbers and some film and they pretty much get in contact with you, like another recruiting process saw been up all my stuff on there and got contacted by a number of teams.

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