Top 10 Things to Look Forward to in the 2011-2012 NFL Season

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What’s up peeps this is my first time writing for ProAthlete360 and my name is Alfonse "IZ Real" Rhodes and i'm here for the long run and THE BUZZ is my LITTLE CORNER on this great all around sports site.   I know pretty much about every Sport because I played almose every sport and I always keep it 100% so if I say it I mean IT.  This is my latest Blog and I hope you guys enjoy and for you guys who like dealing with the SPREAD my friends don't call me IZADAMUES for nothing!  SO if I don't have enough time to list them here you can always catch my picks on Twitter so follow me at izreal90.

                                                        What IZ good in your hood? In my hood, everybody is HYPE because the regular NFL season is right around the corner. Everybody is claiming their teams and thinks they have a shot at winning the Super Bowl. We all know by now that there are going to be some teams who come from nowhere every year like Kansas City and Tampa Bay did last year. There are also going to be some teams who people think, going into the regular season, are contenders but end up being a major disappointment like Dallas and Minnesota last year. In this blog I am going to list the top 10 things I am looking for from different teams and I think that one of these teams will end up winning the Super Bowl this year. So without further delay let’s get this PARTY STARTED!!!

alt10. Will the San Diego Chargers finally get off to a good start and live up to all their promise? Last year was the first time in NFL history that a team finished NUMBER 1 in offense and defense, but not only did not make the playoffs, but also finished with a losing record. The Chargers have it all on offense. They have a GUNSLINGER at QB in Phillip Rivers. They have one of the best Tight Ends in the game in Gates, and they have an All Pro Wide Receiver in Vincent Jackson. Not to mention, they have a touchdown RED ZONE Running Back in #35 Mike Tolbert and (the ladies will love this) he just so happens to be the best TD dancer in the league. Tolbert gets his freak on! LOL! They play in a warm climate all year around so ENOUGH with the excuses for the Chargers. I expect a BIG YEAR out of them and might put a couple of dollars on them to win it all. The only thing that can hold them back is that DOPE of a Head Coach, Norv Turner

alt9. Can Kevin Kolb return the Arizona Cardinals to the TOP of the NFC West Division? I, for one, don’t think Kevin Kolb is ALL THAT. He has a BELOW average arm, but ARM STRENGTH only really matters if you’re playing in a cold climate and you’ve got “that HAWK” hitting you in the face in the freezing cold. However, Kevin doesn’t have to worry about that in AZ, and he is not afraid to put the ball up and give his Receivers a chance to catch the rock. This year Kolb is throwing to one of the best, in Larry Fitzgerald, who just re-upped for the rest of his career in Arizona for 120M, so EXPECT big things from him. The NFC West is a very weak division and I expect the Cards to SOAR to the top of it this year.

alt8. Can the Baltimore Ravens finally get a home field Playoff game? For the past few years, the Ravens have been one of the best teams in football but don’t have any home field Playoff games to show for it. It doesn’t help that they play in a very TOUGH and COLD division in the AFC North, and these teams DON’T like each other. They tend to beat the crap out of each other all year. We all know what Baltimore has on the Defensive side of the ball. If you don’t know, they have two of the BEST defensive players to EVER play their positions – that would be Ray Lewis (“Ray Ray”) and Ed Reed. These guys will be in the Hall Of Fame before it is all said and done. But what people don’t realize is that the Ravens have very physical and productive Running Backs in Ray Rice and the newly acquired Ricky Williams. They have also newly acquired a BIG PLAY Receiver in Lee Evans and they have a big armed QB who can make ALL the throws in ANY type of weather in Joe Flacco. I look forward to the Ravens putting it together this year and at LEAST getting a home field game this year.

alt7. Are the Atlanta Falcons FOR REAL?!? This is a very good question because it seems like the Falcons do not get any respect as a LEGIT Super Bowl team. ON PAPER they’ve got it all on the offensive side of the field. They have a young but proven QB in Matt Ryan, they have an All Pro RB in Michael Turner, and they have one of the best WR in the game in Roddy White. Not to mention, they drafted the BEST Receiver coming out of college in Julio Jones. But the Falcons still have me confused. I still don’t see them as a SERIOUS threat but with all those weapons, I can see how easily I can be wrong.

alt6. Is the Indianapolis Colts’ AFC South dynasty finally going to come to an end? I’m not one to bet against Peyton Manning, but he is coming off of neck surgery and is not supposed to play at all in the Pre Season. Seems like every year, either on Offense or Defense, they end up with a BIG injury. But for some reason, I see a SURPRISE team coming up and ending the Colts’ dynasty of ruling the AFC South.

alt5. Will the ALWAYS overhyped Dallas Cowboys finally become a LEGIT Super Bowl contender? It doesn’t matter where you live, you will always run into Cowboys fans talking about their Super Bowl rings and whatever. But the BOTTOM LINE is THIS – the Cowboys have only won 1 Playoff game in the last 15 years. The last time they won a Super Bowl, Bill Clinton STILL didn’t have RELATIONS with the chic that kept the STAINED DRESS!! So Cowboys fans GET OVER yourselves. I want to see Tony Romo and DeMarcus Ware finally PUT UP or SHUT UP and do something in the Playoffs. Yeah, I know it is no secret, I HATE the COWGIRLS and will NEVER have anything positive to say about them. LOL!

alt4. Will the New England Patriots return as the ruler of the AFC Conference? The bottom line is this…..I LUV “Tom Terrific” and “The Hoodie” and would love if they were my team because both of those guys have MAD SWAGGER. However, the last few years, they have gotten their butts kicked in the 1st round of the Playoffs…at HOME! Those are simply FACTS. It is amazing to me that since they got BUSTED for “spygate” they only had that one great year. Sure it was a GREAT year going undefeated in the regular season, BUT they lost in the Super Bowl. I would really hate to think that the only way Tom Brady got 3 rings was because his coach was CHEATING. I expect big things from Brady and Chad OchoCinco, and expect the Pats to at least make it to the AFC Championship Game.

alt3. Will the Green Bay Packers REPEAT or RETREAT this year? The Packers were big time contenders coming into last year but had a massive amount of injuries. They still managed to get to the Playoffs and win all of their Playoff games on the ROAD. The Packers are loaded on the offensive end with Aaron Rodgers, Donald Driver, and Greg Jennings, as well as on the defensive side with Clay Mathews and Charles Woodson. I personally don’t think they will REPEAT, but you best believe they won’t RETREAT! It is going to have to take a hell of a game for a team to keep them out of the Super Bowl this year. But the NFC has some very good teams that might be able to pull that GREAT game off.

alt2. Can the Pittsburgh Steelers avoid the Super Bowl Loser JINX? It seems like every year the Super Bowl Loser has a HANGOVER and does nothing the next year. The Steelers are a very good team with a good QB in Big Ben, good WR’s in Hines Ward and Mike Wallace and a bruising running game, which goes very well in a cold weather city. They play that 3-4 blitzing defense that only has one thing in mind, and that is to HURT the other team. With James Harrison and LaMarr Woodley coming at you every play and BIG hitter future Hall of Famer, Troy Polamalu covering the middle of the field ready to pick a pass off or knock your head off, I can’t see a SERIOUS letdown from the Steelers. They might not win the Division because of the Ravens, but I expect the Steelers to be a VERY HARD OUT as usual for the BLACK and GOLD.

alt1. My number 1 question coming into this year is can MY “Dream Team” Philadelphia Eagles FINALLY deliver a SUPER BOWL to the City of Brotherly Love? The Eagles have EVERYTHING – from a FANTASY FOOTBALL QB in Michael Vick, the Most DANGEROUS player on the offensive side of the field in FOOTBALL in Desean Jackson, an up and coming young RB in “Shady” McCoy, and not to mention a TON of supporting players from Macklin, Ronnie Brown, Avant and Celek. On the Defensive side of the field the Eagles have 3 of the BEST Corners in the game. They have “Mr. INT” himself in Asante Samuel. They have “The NATURAL” in D. Rodgers-Cromartie, and the best cover Corner in the game in N. Asomugha. The Eagles improved their pass rush in getting a Pro Bowl Right End in Babin to go along with Trent Cole. The only thing I can see stopping the Eagles from a 15-1 record and DESTROYING the NFL Record Books on the offensive side of the ball is a MAJOR injury. But I’m crossing my fingers and I’ll leave you guys with this….

FLY Eagles FLY on the road to VICTORY! Fly Eagles Fly score a Touchdown 123! Hit them low hit them high and watch those Eagles Fly!

So there you have it peeps. These are my top 10 things to watch for in this upcoming Football Season. So ‘til my next blog…

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