Inside Professional Football Training: Running Back Drills and Tips for Success

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In this instructional, we catch up with pro football running back Tory Cooper as he fills us in some essential running back drills that will help take your game to the next level.  As a running back, there is a lot of responsibility and most prosprintvestimportant is to protect the ball.  Turning the ball over is a cardinal sin in football, and so developing the proper technique, as well as knowing situation and positioning on the field, are vital to becoming a running back at the highest level.   

       Along with protecting the ball at all times, a great running back has incredible field vision.  Often times, a running back puts his head down or gets tunnel vision.  It is important to keep your head up as much as possible, allowing you to see down field.  By seeing down field, you can see things developing much faster and therefore increase your reaction speed greatly, as well as developing the ability to see plays develop before they happen. 

     Add these drills to your practice routine and hear the breakdown from a professional running back on how to apply these drills in a game situation.

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