Pro Football Insider: The Daily Activities of An American Running Back in A Pro Football League in Germany (Podcast)

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     In this recent podcast, Pro Athlete 360 interviews Professional Running Back and standout for the Berlin Adler, Tory Cooper.  We get the inside scoop on what a day in the life is like for a professional American Football Player overseas in Europe.  Get the inside look into a professional running back's workout schedule, practice schedule, playing schedule, daily life activities, interaction and work with the football coaching staff, and much more.  From doing your own laundry to getting over the initial shock of the "openness" of the European culture, this pro explains it all.




Football Video Transcription: I learned a lot from my offensive coordinator, he's actually younger than me, which was weird at 1st but I’m used to it now. He's only 23, is a genius, he turned down a job from Marshall University to come here. So I learned a lot from him offensively, just basically about offensive line and the way they block and not only what I do in the playbook but what everybody does on the offense. When he breaks it down, he shows you what the O-linemen are doing and it makes it easier to see it from the backfield before it actually happens. He told me when it gets to that point, when all the blocks are made, you've just got use natural ability. On some plays, he says, “you get here and I can't tell you how to run,” that just goes back to me doing the drills and using my vision and just basic natural instincts. Oh I love it, exactly where I was last year in Austria. So it's me, an American quarterback, he's American as well, he's perfect on offense, he's good, he has an accurate pass, he can run the ball when he needs to. Were pretty comfortable with one another and as far as being football savvy, and being in the right place at the right time with him, so I feel pretty comfortable. It's nice. The fans are alright, that's the big thing in Berlin, we had our 1st home game, every drew only 1000+ and that's it. The thing about that is there is so much to do on a Saturday afternoon in the capital of Germany. You've got soccer games, basketball games, and all the sports teams in the city, all the teams are pretty good, they're all at the top of the league, football is not too big. Before the season that's when all the heavy lifting was going on, it was the off-season workouts. In season you tone down a little bit, you focus on staying flexible and letting your body recover from games. When you play on a Sunday, your body is beat up, you're getting hit 20 to 30 times a game so that Monday you, do some striders, you do some stretching a little bit and you get your body ready for practice that week. Nothing too heavy, just a lot of stretching, sprinting, just workouts that keep your body in shape for the season. We live in this apartment building so we live on the 3rd floor, and it's a 10 min. walk to the practice field so we just basically walk down the street, around the corner to the practice field and facilities. The weight room is actually not even a mile down the street so you can catch the bus, 2 stops down the street, so everything is within a two-mile radius, everything we need. I probably wake up around 9am if I didn't go out the night before. I'll eat breakfast, stretch and then maybe hit the gym after breakfast. Then after the gym maybe out at the grocery store which is right by the gym or just go back home and eat right after I work out and pretty much relax for the rest of the day. If I practice that day, the rest of the days I’m pretty much free until about 6:45pm. Pretty much from 11:00 AM until 6:45 PM it's just my time, I can just go to the city and pretty much do anything I want until practice starts, and then practices from 7:30 PM until about 10:00 PM then come back home and that's pretty much it, started the day back over.


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