NFL Hall of Famer Shows How to Train for Football with a Football Strength and Conditioning Program Using Advanced Resistance Band Training

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      One of the 2003 football hall of fame inductees Joe DeLamielleure and ex-pro football player Todd DeLamielleure show a few workouts which focus on increasing an advanced athlete's core and leg power/speed. No need for big heavy weights to activate your fast twitch muscle as these two accomplished athletes show us how their training bands deliver results. Their training products and routines are used by many pro athletes in many sports and bring in a new and more advanced age in training. The possibilities are endless with this band training and allow athletes to train in unlimited movements specific to their sport. They are also an advanced way to stretch your muscles through dynamic movements and will greatly increase the results you see in strength, power, speed, quickness, and flexibility in a smaller amount of time in comparison to traditional training and stretching. Their company Joe D Bands has all the equipment an athlete needs to get them on the highest level of competition. Check out their store on and keep checking back for more training and work out advice from the pros!



Football Video Transcription: 

Todd: Really, the biggest thing with the bands is all the stretching you can do with them to prevent some injuries. I showed you guys some last summer. We did some ankle stuff. You can take the band and link it to the pole. Like I said, the great thing about this is you can be working out six or seven people at one time. We could get you a platform and some bands for $700 or $1,000. Really, get you set up with enough stuff to basically train a team.




You can look on any website and the big thing is dorsal flexion and sprinting. That's extension and that's flexion, pretty simple stuff. You look at a lot of camps that train pro athletes, they just make them sit around or walk around with their foot like that. A band is basically the only way, to me, you can naturally train these muscles in your foot, your ankle and your lower leg. Something that simple, you do it every direction, pulling away every direction. You could be do this sitting in front of the TV. Just link it to the sofa leg or something like that.




Joe: The thing is I coached. When I was coaching, you don't want to beat your kids up day in and day out. This is an exercise where you're actually training the ankle for specific movements that's going to happen in a game. I don't know any other way to do it than this way.




Todd: I like to say these bands will give you a margin for error because when you get injured, it's because something happened that wasn't supposed to happen. You've got to train for the unexpected the best you can. Like he said, the only way I think of is to use the bands. All you do is change a little bit of the angle you're sitting. Keep pushing and pulling, and it looks like a really simple thing. My leg's already starting to burn in here and my ankle because it's hard to work those muscles any other way. You can't work this muscle walking around. You've got to figure out a way to pull your ankle in positions that would be potential mechanisms for injury, but with a band you can put them in all these different positions. So you pull, you do all the pulls by attaching it to something.




Then, you take that band off. I'm just going to grab a lighter band so I'm not taking it on and off all the time. Now, you can do the push. There are a lot of different ways to do it, but I think the easiest way is to put it on the ball of your foot, put one side over your knee, then the other side over your knee. Same thing, you could be relaxing watching TV, using this. Now, you are getting the push. You're getting the extension. You're pushing your foot down to the ground, same thing.. You're working all these muscles through the full range of motion.




Joe: Why I like this thing so much, it's just an ankle. Nobody puts any time into an ankle, but I'm telling you once you get a severely sprained ankle, it throws your whole body off. Let's say, you're a college athlete. You take this and put it in your pocket, and go and atch a game. While you are sitting watching games and the kids are laying around the room all night, they could be doing this stuff with their ankles as a preventative. Do it before you hurt the ankle. That's where they missed it. I never taped my ankles when I played forever in the NFL, but Todd was doing it with a towel. Todd came up with these things. He's a very intelligent Duke guy. He knows all these different things. I'm telling you they will prevent injuries and that's the whole key.


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