NFL Hall of Fame Football Strength and Conditioning Program: How to Train for Football With Resistance Bands (Video, Part I)

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       Professional football legend and one of the football hall of fame inductees of the class of 2003 JOE DELAMIELLEURE takes you inside his personal workouts. JOE DELAMIELLEURE was inducted into the Football Hall of Fame in the Class of 2003. The 6-3, 254 pound guard played at Michigan State where he was an All American. After a very successful college career, DELAMIELLEURE went to the NFL when he was selected by the Buffalo Bills in the first round in the 1973 draft. He earned All-Rookie Honors, played in 185 consecutive games, was selected All-Pro and All-AFC from 1975 through 1980, was named to six pro bowls, and was named to the NFL's All-Decade Team for the 1970's. Best known for being the lead blocker for O.J. Simpson, DELAMIELLEURE is known as the anchor for the famous "Electric Company" offensive line. He also played for the Cleveland Browns. His skill during his career has caused him to be one of the football hall of fame inductees and now Joe's company Joe D Bands provides incredible equipment for athletes of all ages and all skill levels. They are used by elite professional athletes, as well as the average Joe trying to get into shape. The training is revolutionary and helps better areas of training often overlooked by serious athletes. Check out his site and get the bands to help your training. The bands are essential training tools for all sports. His site is Also, check out their partner's site for more equipment to help get you in Hall of Fame condition.



Football Video Transcription:  I'm going to show you my workout. When I walk outside, this is my total workout. I start with the legs. Just imagine that I'm going to do 10 to 15 reps with everything, but I'm only going to do two or three. What I'm going to do is when I walk outside . . . I did this with towels and ropes when I played but then we found the band and it's even better.

I never even taped my ankles when we played football. I'd stay out of the training room. This is the front of my ankle, and that's what I'd be doing with a towel. Then to get the side of my ankle, the only way I knew was to put my foot in that position and roll it. I'd do that 15 times. I do 15 reps with everything. The inside of my ankle, I roll it.

Okay. I've done my whole ankle. I've done every motion. People who play sports don't do that. They just run out there and the coach has them stretch, but they never stretch their ankle. Well, guess what? If you sprain your ankle you're screwed because it's going to throw everything off.

This is your calf and Achilles. How many Achilles are we seeing guys pulling now? I would do 15 of those. Your hamstring causes lower back pain and gets you all messed up. I just [stand 1:16] up like this and I stretch it. I'll do 15 reps like this, just stretching it. Then I get my groin, so I take it out here and I stretch, stretch, stretch.

I've got to get my IT, which is a tough muscle to get. We go over here and stretch, stretch, stretch. My hip - Lynn Swann, who played with Pittsburgh, I've shown him this and he started doing this on his hip and it really helped him. Do that. Now, my quad, I just flip over. Lower back. I just rock back and forth.

I do that with both legs, then I get up and take this band. I'll do 20 of these, 20 upright rolls and 20 curls. Then I take the band off my feet and put a loop in it. I have my hands facing. Thighs, military.

Okay. I've done my whole body in minutes. Then what I do because I like doing this so I don't want to work out for an hour. I'll just take this band and I'll walk and do all these different exercises as I walk. Can you imagine me walking five minutes like this? Then I start all over, doing the whole thing.


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