NFL Hall of Fame Football Strength and Conditioning Program: How To Train For Football With Resistance Band Training (Part II)

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     Professional football Legend JOE DELAMIELLEURE takes you inside his personal workouts to teach you how to train for football. This is Part Two of this set of workouts with his famous bands. Check out his site and get the bands to help your training. The bands are essential for all sports. His site is Also, check out their partner's site for more equipment to help get you in Hall of Fame condition.




Football Video Transcription:  From the most well-conditioned athlete to guys just starting out, you can use this machine. It's the same with the band. I'm just going to show you what I do with this machine. I'm being quick because I'm going to be late. My wife doesn't want me to be late, and as much as I work out, she'll kick my butt.

Let's say I do 30 seconds. Okay, 30 seconds is up. I grab my band, take no rest, 30 seconds. I'll rest 10 ten seconds and I'll change the exercise. Grab the band. You want to do a different type of exercise; upright roll. Grab the band again and a different type of exercise, 30 seconds.

This is functional training. This is stuff you're really going to be doing. Then try another exercise, whatever it may be. As you can see, the exercises are endless. I get my heart rate up and I can move. I haven't really stretched today, but if I can do this at age 59 and 300 football games, I'm doing something right.

Try the band, the platform. We've got other exercises. Come on our website and you'll see a lot of things we can help you with.




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