How to Train for Football With Professional Running Back Drills: Developing the Jumpcut (Video)

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    The jump cut is one of the most important moves that a sound running back needs to have in his offensive arsenal.  It allows the running back to elude tacklers while going east to west as minimally as possible while allowing the running back to quickly continue to attack once again in the north to south direction.  The Jump Cut allows the running back to also hit another gap and go if the gap he was about to hit gets closed off.  The jump cut allows the running back to escape tackles without losing yards, and by being elusive without losing yards, you will be well on your way to becoming a quality running back.  In this instructional, Tory Cooper, of the Berlin Adler, shows how to train for football and how he trains his body for his incredible jump cut. 

     Tory Cooper's jump cut is one of the best in the game, and he explains why the move itself is is so important for him.  Some key points are staying balanced with a great centered core, and keeping your hips facing north to south.  Watch this instructional and get out there to the football field and practice this move repeatedly.  Daily agility drills and weekly plyometrics added to your weight room routine are a big help and if done correctly these type of exercises can give you extra speed and a boost of quickness for moves like the jump cut.


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