How to Train for Football Like Pro Wide Receivers: Football Wide Receiver Drills For Better Hands

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      These are professional football drills explaining specifically, in detail, how professional players catch the football and develop great ball handling skills.  By throwing this drill into daily practice, you will be able to work on the points of emphasis.  These points include finding the ball, coming to the ball, notchutespeed waiting for the ball to come to you, catching the ball at the highest point through rhythm and timing, having the hands up and spread for the catch, and more. By using these drills as a way for how to train for football, athletes will really bring their games to the next level.  Professional Football Player Tory Cooper, of the Berlin Adler, explains all the points of emphasis to help you see where you need to focus when catching the football. It may seem obvious but even professional players and serious receivers focus in on the smallest details on a daily schedule to perfect their point of attack when catching the ball.  It is not only catching the ball with proper form, but it is the right way to catch a pass in theory where it is you versus your opponent.  Catching the football is a competition in the greatest sense of the word as it is you versus him, maybe them, and it is up to you just as much as it is to the quarterback to place the ball in a catch-able area, to come up with the ball.




Football Drill #1: Another drill you can work on is a coach and a quarter back stands there.  You're running towards the ball as if you're coming back towards the ball.  You just have to adjust to the ball, work on your awareness. The coach who threw it, you can either throw a high ball, low ball, left or right. It's just mid-stride, adjust to the ball.


catchdrill1Football Drill #2:  This is drill that helps you find the ball in the air. You know, when you run this way and quarterback over throw you or under throws you, it's your job as a receiver, or a running back if your on a route, to find the ball. So as a runner it's your job to catch the ball, to adjust to the ball. So for example, throw it short and running, adjust my body to the ball. And throw it over my head?

So it's all about your feet and adjusting your body to the ball. Because the ball's in the air, the balls not going to adjust to you, come to you, you ha
ve to, you know, come to the ball, adjust to the ball. Also you want to catch it at it's highest point. So if you have a defender here you have to catch it at it's highest point instead of it coming down and the defender having a chance to catch it himself for an interception. So you want to get it at the highest point even if you have to jump for it. So you move, that way the defender can't deflect it or even intercept it himself.



Football Drill #3:  Yeah, this drill is, you can do it on a goal post or any pole, just can't be too big to where your arms can't wrap around it and extend. This works on when you're catching a pass, one thing you don't want to do is catch with your chest. Because it could hit your chest, bounce off, lead to an interception or a drop pass, incompletion. This helps you in extending your arms and going to get the ball with your hands and your arms instead of letting the ball come to you and catch it with your chest. So in order to catch this ball I can't let it get in this area 'because it will hit the pole and bounce off. Where as on the football field it would be my pass and it could hit me and bounce off.


So I have to extend my arms, go get the ball before it hit the pole. So he's going to throw the ball, going to have my hands ready to catch the ball. Extend them and catch the ball before it hits the pole. You get really good at this,
catchdrill3straight up, uh, to make it advance you can put the last drill, the reaction drill, turn around with the pole and that, when the ball's thrown catch it. Just put it all together, just on that advanced level.



Football Drill #4:  This is a great receiver drill. Just working on reaction, react to the ball, position your body to the ball when it is thrown. It's basically working on awareness as if you weren't ready for the ball, but just making a great catch from not seeing the ball when it is thrown.

It's great for running backs too, just to work your hands a little bit more and reaction speed. Keep your hands ready, keep your fingers spread, soft hands of course. Key point is getting your head around as fast as possible with your body. You hear the ball snap, you're going to get your head around, bam. Get your head around, bam. Just have your hands ready, ready to catch the ball.

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