How to Train for Football, How to Understand Football, and How to Prepare For Football At The Pro Women's Level (Video)

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     Women's tackle football is serious. Nearly every player has jobs outside of football and then has to practice, train, and play football in their free time.  It takes serious dedication and time management.  Many of the women played college sports and all are very athletic and competitive.  These women have serious practice schedules, weight lifting schedules, individual and specialized practices, full length travel and playing schedule, and do not get paid millions of dollars to do it.  Find out more about it below.



      Football Video Transcription:  There’s a lot of people out there who don’t understand what women’s tackle football is all about, but it’s real football, we hit, we have pads, we have helmets and we really try to crush each other, it’s just like men. Obviously, we’re not as big, we’re not as fast, we’re not as strong, but we know how to train for football, we bring it with what we have, and we take it just like the guys do, it’s the real deal. You’ll hear the pads popping, you’ll hear helmets crunching, it’s serious stuff, even more reason why when you’re getting ready you have to prepare so you can take a hit because you are going to get hit and they’re going to try to hurt you when you’re hit. I grew up playing basketball, playing sports, I always really loved football, always wanted to play football, but just never really had the chance, as a little girl we don’t really have many opportunities to play football.


     I played basketball through high school and college, and after I was done playing basketball in college, I knew I wanted to keep playing sports and then I heard about the Divas and since it’s something I’d always wanted to do, I tried out and have been playing ever since. Training as an athlete is something you do when you start playing when you’re 7 or 8 years old, all the way through when you finish playing, so it doesn’t matter what sport it is, I think a lot of things are similar about it. You need to be in good shape so you need to have that physical endurance, you need to be strong so you need to have the muscular endurance too, so you lift weights.


     Some sports are more specific about some of the things that you do, I played basketball, so I did more agility footwork type stuff, jump rope, a lot of cone stuff, a lot of suicide sprints, and stuff like that, that we used to prepare on the basketball court. I’m fortunate that it was an easy transition to go from basketball to football because there were a lot of similarities in the movements that you make in basketball as there are in football so it wasn't difficult figuring out how to train for football, especially when I was playing defensive back a lot of it is the same back peddling as you do on defense, quick turns, quick cuts, a lot of the same things you do play in basketball. Training for basketball through high school and then into college and getting that Division 1 basketball training really helped get me going and preparing me for, what I didn’t know at the time was going to turn into a football career, it was really an easy transition for me to make because I was doing those sorts of things.





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