How to Train for Football At The Professional Women's Level: A Breakdown in the Specificity of Pro Football Workouts and Training

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     Att he professional level, in any sport, there is a much higher sense of individual responsibility and training customization then there is in college or high school.  The same goes for the workout and training programs that professional athletes have.  In this interview with a professional football player of the Women's D.C. Divas, we get the inside scoop on how professional sports teams break up the team to train both on the field and in the weight room.  There are different positions which have very different responsibilities and roles.  Therefore, the training of these diferent groups must be different.  There is not a one size fits all.



Football Video Transcription:  For me personally everyone on our team does something a little bit different because we’re all working full-time or some people are going to school full-time, so it's nothing that we can train specifically for football except for what we do in practice 3 times a week. Me personally I do a CrossFit workout plan, I do that just about every day of the week, and that's really where I do most of my training. But sometimes I'll just go for a run if that's really what I feel like doing if I just can't get to the gym. Following a CrossFit workout plan is my main source of workout. The footwork is important and having good feet is really important in football and going through a lot of the footwork drills preparing for basketball, because you have to have really good for work in basketball also. When you catch off the dribble, when you're pulling up off the dribble, and just defensively you need to have good feet in order to stay in front of your player and a lot of those things are similar to some of the movements you make in football. When your quarterback and you're going in your drop, you cross over backwards and a lot of lateral movement again a lot of similar movements you make in basketball. And then unfortunately sometimes you do scramble around little bit and you start running and making quick cuts and you go back a lot to some of the stuff that you did preparing to play basketball.


There are a lot of similar movements especially footwork and lateral movements. Our team workout is really just much more conditioning based, we do a lot of sprints, we do a lot of agility drills with cones and letters, and it depends on who's putting us through the workouts and it will kind of change in what we're doing. Some coaches like bear crawls a lot so we do a lot of bear crawls, but there's a lot of focus on strength and agility at practice. We just do a lot of routes, we have a lot of fast players at receiver this year, and we spend a good half hour at every practice just doing routes and just dropping back and throwing all the different routes in our plays. In terms of just what my favorite ones are, everyone likes throwing a deep ball, so I like doing some of the deeper stuff, but I like throwing some slants, throwing a comeback, so I don't have a particular favorite I guess but we just try to get as many reps in as we can and figure out one another.


They have to figure out how I like to throw and I have to figure out how they like to run. Right now we don't spend a whole lot of time doing individual quarterback drills, we really only have time to work with our receivers doing routes and then as a team going to replace. But I know when I'm by myself, I'll just walk through my drops, because that's a big thing, but work is important so I'll just want to my footwork and make sure that I'm doing it right. Then I'll go to our motions just make sure that my throwing motion is how I like it and I feel it's comfortable and how I feel it's efficient. 

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