How to Train for Football: Elite Division I College Football Strength and Conditioning Workout (Leg Day) Example

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Power is an important aspect of the game of football and training for power is vital to becoming a better football player. Power is a combination of derived from several factors, but when it comes down to it, power is all about force. So, when you look at power, strength is just one of these factors. In football it is just about how much you lift; it is about how fast you lift as well. Power is the combination of strength and speed. How fast and how much weight you can lift. This is the true essence of activating and working fast twitch muscle fibers which are essential in the game of Football. 



Below is a great starting workout for football. It will help you to develop the power that you need to improve your game.

Early morning workout,

First week: 10x100 meter sprints. Shoot for under 14 second times. Rest when you walk back, then go again.  

The second week do 12x100’s, the week after 14x 100’s, then 16x 100’s, then 18x 100’s, then 20x 100’s…Then switch up to some of these ideas for the evening twice a week

High knees to sprint 4x10

2 point staggered starts 4 x10

3 point staggered starts 4 x10

Resistive Starts 4x10

50 yard sprints with parachute/weight resistance 12 sprints

6-8 x 300 yard shuttles (lines 25 yards or 50 yards apart)

Late morning lift!!---

Ladder Drill Routine, 2 times through

Hurdles-Forward over lateral under and Forward lunge under/Step-Through – Go Through twice

Flexion/Extension 2x10

Abduction/ Adduction 2x10

Straight leg Flexion/Extension 2x10

Internal Rotation 2 x10

Box Jumps With soft Landing- 3x8

Depth Jumps and Hold – 2x8

Multi Planar 180 Degree Hop Sticks 3 sets

Side hops over hurdles 3x10

Lateral Bound Stick 3x10

Band Shuffle

Banded Abduction

Banded Pull

Med Ball Half-Squat Clean 5x5

Med ball squat 5x5

Power Clean 4x5

Deadlift 5x5

Neck Extension 3x8

Glut Ham Raise 3x10

Walking Lunge 3x10

One leg/ two leg RDL 3x12

One leg side Squat 2x15

Lunge Step Ups 3x6

Ham Body Raise 3x10

Calf Raise 4x15

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