Good Football Plays: A Professional Running Back Breaks Down His Favorite Play

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  Pro Athlete 360 is out in the field with Pro Running Back Tory Cooper, of the Berlin Adler Herren, as he breaks down good football plays, his favorite play and why it is so hard for the defense to defend.  Having options as a running back is important and in this specific play, Tory Cooper has three different options to take as he reads the defense.  Cooper explains how he reads the linebackers in their spacing, positioning, and movement to choose which option out of the three to take.  It takes the development of great field vision where the player is already thinking beyond just the first line of defenders.  Cooper is known for exploding for huge yardage out of a play that does not look very promising at first and in this tutorial Cooper shows his secrets to his big breakaway runs.  Watch this instructional, take notes and add it to your game as a running back.  Remember to keep checking back for many more good football plays, pro football instruction and coaching right here on!


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