What Increases Metabolism: Timing Your Eating Schedule of Maximum Quality Foods for Peak Athletic Performance

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Brendan Davis, a highly qualified and successful personal trainer, sits down to discuss nutrition in great detail. Davis goes over, in great detail, nutritional guidelines, including creating an eating schedule, choosing maximum quality foods, and what increases metabolism. Davis explains the specific processes that take place in the body when different types of foods are ingested, and he expands on the subject to the even more complex subject of athletes' timing of food intake in relation to their physical training. The Maryland native has had amazing results with the people he trains, working with everyone from the most serious of athletes all the way to the average Joe trying to lose weight. Davis, who is ISSA, Fitness Trainer, and NETA Personal Trainer certification certified, takes his years of experience, not only in the classroom, but also in serious weightlifting to help train others. Davis is a true student of the subject and can really help people at all athletic levels seeking to lose weight, or get in top shape. Brendan Davis will get you there! If you need personal training look in our Services section where you can hire trainers in many sports and fields for online consultation. Keep checking back for more health and nutritional tips and secrets right here at ProAthlete360.com!

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