Raw Milk being poured from a container.
Raw Milk being poured from a container.

The Surprising Benefits of Raw Milk

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Almost everyone drinks milk.  But do you know what the healthiest kind is for you?  Is it skim milk?  Nope.  Whole milk?  Not so great either.  Organic varieties?  Not if they’re pasteurized and homogenized.  What you want is raw milk. Raw milk is natural milk that has not been tampered with.  It is not pasteurized and not homogenized.  It is great for your health and tastes better than any milk on the grocery store shelves.  And you will not find it on many grocery store shelves either.  The sale of raw milk is currently legal in about half of the 50 US states, but often only from farms.  The USDA and FDA insist that it is dangerous.  Yes, the same people that told us that trans fats were good for our health, and that high fructose corn syrup is that same as any other sugar, say that raw milk is unsafe for human consumption.  You can trust them, right?


Raw Milk Benefits

            Listen, in almost any case I can think of, you want the food you eat to be as close to what nature intended.  Some supplements are helpful, but the great majority of the time you want to eat foods that are unprocessed.  See, humans often think they are smarter than nature.  When it comes to food, we simply need to stop messing with things.  When we pasteurize milk, we destroy vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and other important things in the milk that benefit our health.  For example, milk contains lactose sugars that need the enzyme lactase to be digested.  Milk naturally contains lactase.  However, pasteurizing destroys most of the lactase in milk.  Some people are lactose intolerant for this reason, and they do not produce enough lactase in their gut to help them digest it.  Then, they drink pasteurized milk that has most of its lactase destroyed and get sick.  Surveys have shown that over 80% of people who were medically diagnosed as, “lactose intolerant,” can tolerate raw milk just fine! We are not smarter than nature.  Leave the milk alone and let us reap the benefits of raw milk!


Milk Additives

            Have you seen, “Vitamins A & D,” listed on milk jugs?  Why are these vitamins being added to our milk?  The reason is because pasteurization seriously reduces the amounts of these vitamins in milk.  But even in a culture where people drink lots of A &D fortified milk, vitamin D deficiencies continue to rise.  Is it possible that the synthetic version of D added to milk is inferior to the natural form already in raw milk?  Look at all these other nutrients that are degraded and reduced in milk due to pasteurization: vitamin C, Folate, vitamin B12, Iron, and iodine.  I am sure there are other important factors in milk that haven’t been identified yet about yet that are destroyed through pasteurization.  When you drink pasteurized milk, you are getting short changed on all the rich nutrients that milk is supposed to offer.

            How about homogenization?  This is a process of forcing milk through tiny holes to change its structure.  Many people believe that the homogenization process changes the structure of the fats in a way that they become damaging to our blood vessels and heart.  Homogenization is performed because it causes whole milk to not separate.  With raw milk, you will see the cream rise to the top if it is left sitting long enough.  Is this so inconvenient that we have to go about altering the structure of our milk?  All you have to do is give it a quick shake to mix it up.  How backwards are the USDA and FDA to presume that people would rather play Russian roulette with their health than shake a bottle of milk?

            The bottom line is that raw milk is the way to go for health.  Raw milk, if harvested sanitarily and refrigerated properly will not make you sick.  I drink mine up to 2.5 weeks after buying and have always been absolutely fine.  In addition I have only lost body fat since switching from skim to raw whole milk.  It tastes awesome and I feel good about drinking it.  I can’t emphasize enough how much I recommend giving raw milk a try.  I know after you do, you won’t want to drink that junk they sell at the supermarkets ever again. 

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