A look at an egg raw inside.
A look at an egg raw inside.

Can You Eat Raw Eggs and Are Raw Eggs Good for You? Rocky Was Right

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Can you eat raw eggs? People can and have eaten raw eggs, but the only way to find out if YOU can is to try it. If you haven’t tried drinking raw eggs, you don’t know what you’re missing.  There are many reasons to consume raw eggs, but only one reasonable objection: taste.  However, I think we can all agree on one thing: bodybuilding nutrition is not about taste.  It’s all about what the food can do for you.  So, if you are asking "are raw eggs good for you?" this article will go into some reasons why raw eggs are great, and convince you to take that plunge.


            Cooking often makes foods easier to eat, but nutritionally it can take away from the food.  Cooked eggs are good, and I eat them too, but consuming eggs raw has added benefits.  Good eggs contain omega 3s and other delicate fats that can be damaged when cooking.  Other proteins, enzymes and vitamins are completely intact in a raw egg, while they may be depleted in a cooked egg.

                        In addition, consuming the egg in its whole form, white and yolk together is better that taking the yolk out.  Egg whites contain a protein known as avidin.  Eating egg whites alone, with the avidin uncooked, can cause a biotin deficiency.  However, eating the egg whole remedies this potential problem, as the yolk is a rich source of biotin.  A raw egg gives you all the nutrition that nature intended, without the issues that cooking or taking out the yolk can cause.

            Eggs are also high in fats and cholesterol.  Remember that hormones are manufactured from cholesterol.  Therefore a diet low in cholesterol may leave you with a lower testosterone level.  Nobody wants that, so try eating raw eggs to give your test levels a natural boost.  And don’t worry about them harming your body’s cholesterol levels.  The fact is that sugars have much more negative effects on the body’s cholesterol and triglycerides that dietary fats or cholesterol do.  Don’t fear the egg.


            As a bodybuilder, it's not a matter of "can you eat raw eggs?" to should be "when should you eat raw eggs?" It can be a real challenge to get in all the meals and calories that you need.  Sometimes work, travel, or just the business of life gets in the way.  Raw eggs may not be the perfect meal, but in a pinch they provide great protein and fats, and will take the hunger off.  What a great carb-free snack if you are trying to drop body fat!  All you have to do is carry a cup and some eggs with you.  When you need them, just crack the eggs in the cup and down them and you’re done!  There are your quick healthy calories.  To be honest, this is healthier than any protein bar you could find on the market right now.  When I take long road trips, its easy to stop and crack a few eggs when I get hungry.  It’s a lot quicker than stopping to eat a Tupperware full of chicken, broccoli and sweet potatoes.  I’d suggest if you’re going to eat raw eggs to add a veggie to the snack, such as a stalk of celery. It won’t take much extra time, and will help keep the body’s pH in balance.


            Raw eggs are way too easy and good for you to leave out.  So give it a try.  Please use only organic eggs when consuming raw.  Yes, there is an infinitesimally small chance of salmonella poisoning when eating raw eggs.  This is really only an issue when you are talking about conventionally produced eggs.  Organic eggs will come from much healthier chickens and you should not have any concern about food poisoning.  I’d be more concerned with getting struck by lightning on a sunny day.  If the eggs say, “natural,” there is no guarantee they are any better than conventional, so make sure you look for the word, “organic,” on the carton.  Even better, but hard to find, are “pasture” eggs.  This term referrers to eggs laid by chickens that are allowed to roam free and eat their preferred foods, which are bugs and vermin, not grains.  Organic, or pasture, you’re good to go.  Now go drink some raw eggs.  I think you’ll be surprised by how good you feel.

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