Setting Up an Eating Schedule: Maximum Quality Foods Nutrional Effects on Athletic Training and Recovery in Sports

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     So are you really what you eat???  I hope not, because I just had some ice cream, I'm not going to lie.  However, on a serious note, the food that we eat has a direct impact on our mood, energy, longevity, vitality and overall production.  In this segment, Pro Athlete 360 sits down with professional trainer and nutritionist Brian Samson to get the inside scoop on how much truth is in the saying "you are what you eat."  Brian Samson knows first hand the importance of intaking the right kinds of food.  Knowing not only what to eat, but when and how to eat the food are just as important.  Brian Samson is the owner of Samson Elite Training in Alexandria, Virginia.  He helps train his clients not only in the gym but out of it, as well, with comprehensive meal plans, setting up an eating schedule, and motivational check ups throughout the day.  Eating correctly truely takes a great sense of self discipline.  Listen to what Brian has to say and take notes to incorprate his advice into your daily eating.  Trust us from first hand experience, what you eat is not just one thing to help get in shape, it is everything!  Watch the interview and remember to keep checking back for more, right here on!

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