How to Increase Your Speed Laterally With Balance Exercises and Speed Workouts

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     Pro Football Hall of Famer Joe DeLamielleure and ex-pro football player Todd DeLamielleure show a few workouts which focus on increasing lateral mobility, workouts to increase speed. No need for big heavy weights to activate your fast twitch muscle as these two accomplished athletes show us how to train for football and how their training bands deliver results. Their training products and routines are used by many pro athletes in many sports and bring in a new and more advanced age in training. The possibilities are endless with this band training and allow athletes to train in unlimited movements specific to their sport. They are also an advanced way to stretch your muscles through dynamic movements and will greatly increase the results you see in strength, power, speed, quickness, and flexibility in a smaller amount of time in comparison to traditional training and stretching. Their company Joe D Bands has all the equipment an athlete needs to get them on the highest level of competition. Check out their store on and keep checking back for more training and work out advice from the pros, right here at!

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