How to Break a Plateau With These Ten Exercise Secrets

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    Professional trainer, and nutritionist, Brian Samson takes time out of his busy schedule to give some tips on how to break a plateau and pointers that can really help your workout routine. Whether you are looking to get huge or looking to lose weight, plateaus are a part of training.  However, with these exercises and insight you will be able to blast through whatever brick wall is holding your progress back.

     Brian Samson, a graduate of George Mason University with a Bachelors in Exercise Science, is a  personal trainer, a motivator, a nutrionist, and manager of a fitness facility, as well. He has worked in multiple settings, including working in both a hospital setting and a physical therapy clinic and has had such great success training clients that he has launched  Samson explains,  "I try to bridge the gap between prehab, rehab, and post rehab and the use of different programs to help others reach their individual goals, all while trying to make sure they are able to continue with it for as long as they possibly can." 



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