Gym Review: East Shore Athletic Club - Goose Creek, SC

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The Goose Creek location is ESAC’s newest fitness club acquisition.  As part of the 12 gyms owned by ESAC in the Charleston area, this club really rounds out the group.  The Goose Creek location has more amenities than any other ESAC location.  It has more to offer in terms or variety of equipment and sports that it caters to than any gym I’ve been to.

            Goose Creek’s East Shore is separated into two sections.  The first section includes everything you’d see in a top level gym.  There is a full selection of cardio equipment, lots of machines, free weights, and a group exercise studio.  Towards the back are a few racquetball courts, a spinning room, a heavy bag for boxing or MMA training, and the locker rooms.  In the men’s locker room, there are actually 2 couches and a TV set up if you need to relax.  It looks really comfortable.  The gym equipment is clean, well maintained, and has good variety.

            While I was there I decided to train legs.  I liked the leg press, which was a little different than the ones I was used to.  It had better back support than most, and tons of room for plates.  What I also liked was a unilateral lying leg curl machine.  You don’t see this too often.  I also scoped out the rest of the equipment and saw everything I would need for any good bodybuilding workout, including one of those cool devices that keeps the bar from flipping over when you do t-bar rows.  Now the gym is very complete, but there are always areas that could be improved upon.  First, one of the benches in the men’s locker room is wobbly.  I had my water bottle sitting on the bench, and when I saw down the bottle got catapulted off and spilled.  It only needs a few bolts to fix it.  The other suggestion I would make is to get heavier dumbbells.  Unless I missed something, the dumbbells go up to 100lb each.  While this is not too shabby, I’m sure many bodybuilders would appreciate if they went a little higher.  A set of 110s and 120s would probably be enough for most.

            Now the second side of the gym is where this ESAC location really stands out.  Here we have a sort of athletic complex.  There is a full basketball court, a full size indoor track, 2 batting cages, a karate studio, and even a golf simulator with a big projection screen.  By having these amenities, ESAC Goose Creek really caters to the athletic crowd.  Some people get bored on running on treadmills and would love the change of pace of running on a real track.  The equipment also offers athlete in lots of different sports to practice right in the gym where they work out instead of having to find a separate facility.  This gym is the athlete’s one stop shop.

            Overall, I was impressed by ESAC Goose Creek.  As a huge facility with so much variety, it has something to offer for almost everyone.  Whether you are a bodybuilder, serious athlete, or just someone trying to get into better shape, I think you will really enjoy it.

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