Football Hall of Famer Teaches Advanced Resistance Band Training for the Serious Athlete

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     Pro Football Hall of Famer Joe DeLamielleure and ex-pro football player/current trainer Todd DeLamielleure show a few workouts which focus on increasing core strength and quickness which would be extremely beneficial for serious soccer players. No need for weights to activate your fast twitch muscle as these two accomplished athletes show us how their training bands deliver results. Their training products and routines are used by many pro athletes in many sports and bring in a new and more advanced age in training. The possibilities are endless with this band training and allow athletes to train in unlimited movements specific to their sport. They are also an advanced way to stretch your muscles through dynamic movements and will greatly increase the results you see in strength, power, speed, quickness, and flexibility in a smaller amount of time in comparison to traditional training and stretching. Their company Joe D Bands has all the equipment an athlete needs to get them on the highest level of competition. Check out their store on and keep checking back for more training and work out advice from the pros!




Football Video Transcription: Todd: Hi, Todd DeLamielleure coming to you on We're going to go over a lot of stuff we can do with the bands we were talking about. Again, you can look us up at or link to us on this website, Pro Athlete 360.

I'm holding a bunch of our bands in our hand. We talked about some muscle confusion and stuff like that inside and I talked a little bit just about football stuff. These bands pretty much cross over to any sport you want to play. Also, some of you guys that are listening, or maybe your parents, you could use this stuff in the house.

Like I said, I use it all the time in the house. It's very user-friendly. Everybody can use them. I'm holding different resistance right here. Obviously, you can look at the width of them and tell. Obviously, this one is going to be the lightest and this is going to be the heaviest of the ones I'm holding.

I'll just to go through all of the stuff you can do with them. I'm a firefighter now and I take these to the station all the time. With one band I can do anything that I could do with a weight, but a little safer. Like what we talked about inside, when I've got a band right here it's pretty much de-loaded, because I stretched and stretched and stretched it. It's harder at the top of the lift, and it gets easier as you get to the bottom. It's a lot easier on your body as you go through a range of motion. You're able to go through it smoothly.

With a weight, when you get to this point you can't hold it right there because gravity is just pulling you down. With this, I can go up and control it all the way down, where you're getting a varied resistance through this range of motion.

I'm just doing an upright row right here. From there, just stand on the band and you can go into anything from a squat, a front squat. You can do a squat jump, you can do a squat with a press. You're training a lot more efficiently because it's hard to do that with a weight because you're locked into whatever exercise you're going to do.

If you're going to do a bench press, all you can do on a bench press is a bench press. You'd lay flat and you'd work your chest and your triceps. But if you want to do it with a band, you can get real specific. You can step and punch, you can punch them both at one time. You can do stuff as a basketball player. You're working through the range of motion with resistance that you're getting on the field. It correlates to the field really easily.

I can actually show you some stuff. My dad is here; you guys talked to him the other day. This is our platform. We pretty much invented this. It's kind of our brainchild. The reason we did this, you'll see you can use it to train five or six athletes at the same time. One of the things I do in here is a squat.

Joe: Want me to do it?

Todd: Yeah, come on down, I'll jump in there real quick. You can handle

Joe: Okay.

Todd: I'll put this down on him. He's using our heavier bands. He's doing probably about a 200 pound squat right now. What you're seeing is as he goes down it's de-loading, as it comes up it gets harder and harder. He's able to explode through it because there's no risk to his back or his knees, whereas if you have weight, just to go down, when you stop right there, you can't do that with a weight because it's going to pitch you forward or pull you back. To me, the risk outweighs the reward. With a band you're able to do. Then he can step back and he can start doing a lunge. If you put one foot forward and one back, that's a lot more natural movement than you're able to do with a weight.

Joe: And you're feeling resistance.

Todd: Yeah.

Joe: Another thing is you can do the calf raise, too.

Todd: You can do a calf raise. You can actually do a jump. That's kind of a heavy weight to do a jump with but a very explosive athlete could use this and work on his vertical. He's 59 years old. That would kill most 40-year-olds. A really explosive athlete is going to be able to use this to really get specific about what they're trying to improve.


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