The World of Field Hockey Colleges: How Division 1 Field Hockey Schools Recruit Players (Video)

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     In field hockey games, there are high levels of competition. The same goes for field hockey recruiting. Field Hockey demands speed, precision, and a mental and physical toughness.  The high level of competition and opportunity for girls to land a field hockey college scholarship makes the accomplishment of landing one remarkable.  In this session, we interview 2002 Patriot League Rookie of the Year, Dana White.  Dana played her collegiate field hockey for Colgate University in New York. She takes time out of her busy day to share with us her insight and personal experiences and advice developed from her own personal story of searching for a college scholarship.   




Field Hockey Video Transcription:  From what I'm understanding about the college process now, the girls are committing at the end of their junior years of high school now to play at particular colleges. If you're not playing all year round not even in just your general region or even going out of your region to the south because they have a lot of great schools for field hockey, you have to do it as early as possible because coaches are snatching up players as early as possible. You have to really be aggressive in how you market yourself. It was really frustrating for me to see girls that I was playing with and it wasn't even a matter of if there were skill gaps, we're on the same team kicking butt or even competing against each other in school and these girls were going to Syracuse, Maryland, to UNC, to Duke. I think his girls, I do the same things but again it was a matter of them going to big schools that had well-established programs who have been around for decades so the coaches all already knew to look at the schools for these players. I went to Colgate and Syracuse in the same weekend and after I committed to Colgate I found out from coach that she was terrified that I would go to Syracuse and obviously have A blast and decide that I want to play there because at that point they had a much broader program and their field hockey games fit my style of play just really reiterated attack lines and really giving it to their midfielders to generate play and have opportunities to score goals themselves and to the offenses, I'm very offense of minded, I'll get back to play defense and I'll get in there with the best of them but if I had to be anywhere I would love to be out towards a front and create goals and scoring opportunities. So she was really paranoid that I would commit to Syracuse instead, it turned out that Syracuse had enough money but not enough for me to commit to going to school out of state, it wouldn't have been financially feasible. I also visited Ohio State the weekend after that and I had a blast, a lot of the girls I went to my school was there and played lacrosse, one of the girls was on my tournament team was playing there, so Ohio State was fantastic, it was absolutely amazing. But they said that I could come on and be there my 1st year and pay full tuition and depending on my performance they would pay for a full scholarship the next year and I have to admit I was very, very tempted by that because they have a fantastic program but I was looking at it logically. My mom wouldn't be able to get out and see me play ever, getting to and from school wouldn’t be easy, and I couldn’t really just pay one year of tuition. So it was kind of locked in that Colgate was the place that I was going to be the place where I was going, which was fine because I had a really fantastic time there and one of my teammates at Hill was already playing their and also my high school coach was there so of course she was explaining the virtues of how fantastic it was and I already knew the coach because the coach had seen me play in camp so she was chomping at the bit telling me to come. So when I got my formal letter of acceptance it felt like a huge burden was lifted so not only was I definitely going to college but I'm going and I'm getting to play. I'm going to be honest I had a moment where I thought as an athlete and then the student, which hasn't always served me well but that was always just how I thought of myself. When I was 1st looking up college, I told my mom if I have to I'll walk on at Maryland, I’ll walk on at Penn State, I'll walk on at UNC and I bet you money that I'll land a spot. Well then after that was the practical aspect was how are we going to pay for it. That leaves the immovable force that there was no getting around that reality but in the end it worked out for the best, I got my degree, I played, and I had a really great 4 years with my teammates. It has its ups and downs, protruding was just hope that and it's probably more difficult for me than it is for any other girls who have played the game, again they had bigger programs that they were part of it's really cutthroat now, college coaches are expecting their players that are coming in to be playing all year around. So they have a high school team, there travel team, you should have a club team, then you should have at least 3 camps that you're going to, it's no longer okay that you play field hockey, and then you play basketball in the winter and then you play lacrosse. If you play field hockey, you play field hockey.




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