The Euro Basketball Practice Plan: How Overseas Basketball Teams Train and Practice (Podcast)

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    When it comes to European basketball teams, the workouts that European coaches use the most tend to have running involved. A lot of running.  Preseason training and practice for pro overseas basketball teams is critical to how coaches implement their basketball practice plan for the season. In this basketball podcast, you will get firsthand knowledge of how overseas basketball teams in Austria practice.  Warning: Austria is known for their mountains!


      The weekly basketball practice plan  involves waking up for an early morning weight room workout or running session on the steep inclines of the Austrian countryside.  Then, a morning basketball practice focused more on individual skill development with shooting sessions, offensive move training both off the dribble and back to the basket, and technique work with small groups of two or three other players.  Sometimes the workouts and practice times may be switched around, but regardless that sets you up for an evening practice geared around the whole team where you are running through all your sets, getting up and down the court with full team drills, and competeing against others in one on one, two on two, and five on five full court scrimmages.



Basketball Practice Plan


Basketball Video Transcription: Once I hit here, we hit the ground running. Preseason this was my 1st preseason really over here in Europe, from day one until now, the preseason was different it was hard. We were doing a lot of running, being around the mountains we would run around the mountains a lot. As far as my teammates goes, one of my teammates actually played in the Southern conference with us so I knew of him before hand and then we linked up in the summertime before I came, so I knew him a little bit.


Overseas Basketball Teams in the Preseason


We did some weightlifting but it was more so a lot of running, my coach over here is infatuated with running so he loves running so will be out there doing a lot of long-distance stuff, almost like where cross country team, were talking miles, were talking about running the city late P. Diddy. Or the beginning of the season we would pretty much practice twice a day. In the morning times, and one period we would do weightlifting and then in the secondhand it was more of an individual type, who probably start working on shooting, ballhandling, working on moves, and for me I would be working on my post moves or my jumpshot. Actually over here I was shooting a lot of jumpers so I would be working on jump shots a lot, like short corners, like threes, to like 18 footers I was shooting a lot of points especially during the year I would be shooting a lot of jumpers, I would hit a lot of jumpers. We definitely do our own thing, when I do my own individual workout after we get done with our workouts but during our set times it would be the coaches in with us as well and we would have our assistant coach and our head coach in there as well.




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