Simple Basketball Drills for A Simple Basketball Offense: How Pro Guards Get Open in Basketball Man to Man Offense

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      In this basketball man to man offense instructional, we will show you how at the professional level, executing a simple basketball offense and mastering simple basketball drills are the keys to recieving the basketball on offense in the half court set anytime you want, anywhere you want.  Former pro basketball player Marcus Williams walks through getting open against all types of defense on the wing, as well as discusses ways to get open immediately. Getting open immediately can be if you have run out of room or are dealing with intense physical defense where the refs are letting you play.  We show you how to execute the different cuts, and when to use them.  Also, we will break down some differences between the high school level, the college level, and the professional level, as far as strategy and positioning.

     Marcus Williams goes over in great detail the "V" cut, the "L" cut, and more. Take notes as you watch this so that you can use these strategies next time you are playing. Remember, they key is to not have the defense dictate where you catch the ball, you catch the ball where the coach, and the play, tells you to catch the ball and almost every time that will be about a foot outside the three point line, free throw line extended if you are catching it on the wing.



Basketball Video Transcription: Basically, in a simply V-cut you want to kind of give the missed direction. Which means if I know, say, I need to get open on this side of the floor, I'm basically going to have my body facing this way which I want that definitive thing. I'm going that way to get open, which I know that I'm coming on this side of the floor to get open. This is just a simple V-cut. I'll go ahead and show you.

Second one is a L-cut. Basically, I'm going to come up to the elbow, and I'm going to pop out this direction. So, the defender is going to be playing me hard which that's what I want him to do, but you have to be physical and get an open on there because he's going to be playing me hard.  I'm sure he's going to be bumping me just a little bit. But I want him to think once again that I'm popping straight up to get the ball. Which I know I'm going to get that ball in my spot, tight over here on the right side of the floor.

Basically, going into those moves and that move right there I already had the defender leaning. So, once I catch the ball over here on the right side of the floor, his momentum is bringing him this way. Which means by the time I catch the ball, because he's trying to catch up, I already got the swing on my hip. Which on an advanced level, college, pro level you should be able to score from there or, at least, get a lay-up.   On a high school AAU college level, if that defender is playing you pretty hard and you can't get open, I mean you have to fight really hard for that position, that is the big key in basketball especially in the college and pro level because it is pretty physical. Fighting for position, basically you just got to want the ball more than the defender wants to keep it out of your hand. If he is playing me tough right here and I can't get this ball and he's doing everything he can, you just got to, like I said, miss direction.  So, if I'm standing and I know I got to pop out here to get the ball. And I know he is playing me hard, I'm just going to get my foot in front of his and I want my other offensive player to put it on this outside hand. That key is getting this foot, that right foot ahead of his so you can get some type of position to get the ball. Once he passes it to you, try to always catch it with two hands and not catch it with one.


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