Shooting Drills and Plyometric Workouts: Pro French Baller Shares His Basketball Workout

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      Slam Dunk Champion Marlon Jules breaks down the secrets into his incredible jumping ability. He has some incredible training routines and workout programs which combine to help give him incredible lift off the ground.  Marlon's vertical leap won him slam dunk contests in several arenas, and even landed him on the team of Slam Nation.  Marlon traveled doing dunk shows for people all over Europe.  Besides giving away some training techniques for his explosive power, Marlon Jules also explains, in detail, what training on the professional basketbal level is like.   He explains why he is much more than solely a leaper, or dunker.  Marlon is a student of the game and it shows in his all around game.




Basketball Video Transcription:  I'm going to surprise you but all my jumps come from my imagination, I've been looking at Michael Jordan, Dominique Wilkins, the kind of stuff I was seeing on TV I was trying to do it behind my house on the basketball court. So I never practiced my jump or anything like that I just imagine the dunk and jump as high as I can and try to make it. But the thing is, walking outside I was always trying to jump over little bikes, little bicycles, little cars, everything I was trying to compete with myself even with my pants on I was trying to jump some things, I started playing the game even before I thought of the jump. Half of the athletes, that's the problem with us. Their putting us in a way that if we jump we only know how to jump, we don't have a shot, don't know how to run, don't have any defense. But me I started playing even before I started trying to touch the rim the thing is I always try to put my game 1st. Because during the season when you play pro over here, in the morning from 10am to 12pm you have a shoot around, doing drills, shoot session. Then from 1pm to 4pm or 1pm to 3pm you’re lifting weights everything about quickness, about your arms, everything with that.


      You’re doing squats, you’re doing chest, you doing all those things, but you don't lift to get big. You don't put a lot of weight, you go quick. You make your muscle react like when you're trying to put the quickness on the court. My job is more off-season, because this is how and this is when I really have the time to make everything happen. It's really different then during the season because I'm doing 5 hours lifting weights everyday, I'm playing ball with some teams always a group of guys for hours every night, just play 5 on 5. Just two teams like in the regular season, we just play a game every night. The thing I do for my quickness, and now my jump because I work it now, I put on the belt and the belt goes into my car's door and I just walk with my car behind me so I'm just pushing my car and I just run with it. I have somebody in the car so when I want to stop it I just stop it, but I'm just doing that for 30 min., I just run all over the neighborhood.


     Sometimes I just lay down and put my arms on the floor, and just move like a cat. The more and more I get up I run faster. When I do that, I'm getting old but I’m feeling more than before, I'm feeling good right now. Normally on the off-season with my personal coach, he's an ex national player from the French team, he's making me do 2000 shots a day by myself, after practice that we have with team. He just sits down next to the court and I have 3 guys taking the rebounds for me. And he has something in his hand, so every time I make a shot he pushes the button so you can count how many shots I made, so when he says 2000 I have to make 2000, it's not like I make 500 and then go home.




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