Professional Basketball Post Moves: How to Improve Basketball Skills As A Big Man (Video)

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     So, you may think you know post moves, but the smallest details separate a pro from an amateur. No matter what your level of skill is as a basketball player, you should want to learn the correct way on how to execute movements. By learning the correct way you can gain a much better shooting percentage effortlessly. In this installment we meet up with pro basketball player Demetrius Nelson. The six foot eight inch, two hundred and fifty pound center/forward has played in Poland, Holland, and now currently Austria after having a very successful division one college basketball career.



     Nelson goes over a lot, explaining the footwork and technique for the baby hook shot, the way an offensive player in the post needs to read the defense when catching the ball, and much more. Listen up and take notes so that you can go practice and perfect your own post skills. This is for posts and guards because as college and pro athletes know, every guard must develop a back to the basket post game and have it in their arsenal. 


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