Point Guard Drills: How to Improve Basketball Skills for the Drive and Kick

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    The Drive and Kick is a powerful play out of a motion offense.  The number one goal of the driving guard is to score, period.  However, there is always another option, which is why it is important for a driving guard to attack the hoop and land on a two foot stance, in case, the guard is cut off.  The two foot landing provides several options including the option to excute a pro hop, all while ensuring the driving guard is under control on the drive. The two foot landing on the drive also allows the guard to go into a triple threat mode where he, or she, can execute a pump fake or two, and try to get the defender up in the air for the "And 1" or get the defender to react enough to get an up and under move.



Basketball Video Transcription: Basically you're driving the kick spots. As a point guard, if I know  I got my good    shooter over on my right-hand side, if you're not getting  that pick-and-roll and you're good at drivenkick1 taking the guy off the dribble one-on-one, you're basically going to bait him in and take him off the dribble. 

 As I'm driving, your offense is clearing so you're sliding to the baseline.  That way, once he slides usually his man will be stepping up to help out.  If he bites just a little bit by looking at me driving, then bam, I got  kicked to the corner. 
      Let me show you how it looks at a little bit faster pace. This is another   series of drive and kick. If I'm driving, and he doesn't have that baseline shot, that means his defender has totally come down here to a charge. I completely stop and just turn around and kick it right back to him. Instead of having that baseline shot, we got the shot from the elbow.

I'm going to show you how that looks at a little bit faster pace.

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