Maintaining A Sports Contract With Overseas Basketball Teams

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    We recently sat down to speak with David Knowles about his experiences and get advice on playing basketball overseas. How do you find an agent? How do you market your game? What questions should you ask when talking with coaches? What can you expect with your lifestyle and style of play overseas? There are so many questions and we answer them all and then some. This is part two of the interview.


So in professional basketball again, you are the paid player, you are the contract killer, whether it's rebounding, or shooting the ball, or running the point, whatever. I mean it is business and you are a product, and that is not to say that in a bad way but I mean you are brought in to perform. I mean guys are sent home for lack of performance, guys are sent home for acting stupid, it is all the above pretty much. It is all on you. But, anything that you do, including getting hurt which is pretty much out of your control, yea…getting hurt is pretty much the only thing out of your control. But, Not getting along with the team or going out and getting drunk and being out-of-control, is in your control. Getting hurt is pretty much the only circumstance out of your control.


I would say the key to playing at pretty much any level whether it be high school, college, professionally, domestically or abroad, is preparing yourself on the skill side of things, and preparing yourself on the athletic side of things, with the strength conditioning and speed training, the whole fitness side of things. And also on the information side of things. A lot of people and a lot of businesses in a lot of industries suffer simply because they do not have the correct knowledge or network to get to the next level, and I say a part of information, is having the right network and knowing which people to contact, and which people can help you, and which people will not limit you, which people, who at only the bare minimum will point you in the right direction. These are the people use as information sources via the Internet via people around you, or what have you. These are the people you want to seek out, there's a lot out there there are a lot of people who want to help, but, it is just about getting a hold of the right people and the right connection to help you this next level. I'd say that networking is one of the biggest things, as far as the professional game, I say more specifically the professional game, based on the country you want to go to, based on what coaches are coaching what team you what specific country, and whatever country are coming from, you have to find and understand and know these connections, and that is in any job field connection or anything. A lot of the business, a lot of any of this businesses, is knowing people. But of course you have to be skilled to perform.


I'd say that definitely these days the way the recruiters are going in with the talent and the way players are out there networking, the professional game in the high-level college level, as well, that there are so many high-level players out there that only a separate yourself is through marketing yourself and putting yourself in touch or in front of those decision-makers, these decision-makers, as team owners, more specifically the team coaches, because those guys are guys that make the player decisions and when things go hot or not there either hired or fired. The team coaches are the ones I will take a chance on you. My name is David Knowles, if I mail prospector ready and willing to help to help point you in the right direction to help you out anyway I can. What I offer is a service for player development as well as individual marketing of sports marketing, trying to help and equip players with the right mature on the right malt knowledge and the right information to reach any goals that they have specifically in basketball, that is my expertise and that is why stick to right now.


I have a showcase am putting together right now in Dallas, is called idea showcase you can check it , out at the the 16 team tournament, $1500 entry fee, we are pretty much going to make you one torment 10 grand to the winner, three grand to the second place 1500 to the third place, and the money the money but the main key is to create a legitimate post college stage for guys to showcase to the world that they can do it with the best and give gives the small guys from mid-major to small Division I to NAIA, to division 3 and division 2 and Christian Colleges, or even junior college basketball players and give them the opportunities to pursue their career.

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