Insight Into A Professional Basketball Practice and Tryout Schedule

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     In this segment Pro Athlete 360 sits down with pro basketball player Marcus Williams to discuss an array of topics, including what a player can expect at a professional basketball practice and what to expect at a professional basketball tryout.  This interview can help advanced players getting ready for professional tryouts as Marcus Williams goes over the structure and setup of most pro practices and tryout sessions. Unlike high school and college tryouts and practices, at the pro level, your skills and understanding of the concepts of the game are expected to already be on a superiror level.  So, expect a lot of running and drills only to get you tired so that while fatigued the coaches and scouts can watch you play, play, play...and play.  They want to see your IQ, your reads, your decision making, your style, your fit within the team structure, and much more!  Marcus Williams, a native of Detroit, has played professional basketball in South America as well as in the United States of America in leagues such as the CBA, and IBL.  This interview can shine light for advanced players looking to prepare for a professional tryout so turn it up and get the inside detail on how things are done at the professional level.





Basketball Video Transcription:  Things you can expect in a basketball tryout, professional basketball tryout, basically it's very minimal drills, by the time you get to that level you're expected to know a lot how to run 3 on 2, 2 on 1 breaks. Practice, is basically a lot of shooting as far as working on your jump shot and working on your individual game, and towards the end there's a lot of playing 5 on 5 and getting to know your teammates as far as players, what they can do, what they're best at, what are they not good at, things of that nature. When you get to that professional level, it's a job so just like in any job you want to be able to be your best every day and try to improve every day or else you get cut, you get fired. At that level, you want to get better every day, see you have to take it serious because you might have a family, and you might have kids to feed, so basically tryouts and practice are just like any other job. Whatever it is that you're good at, if you're a good shooter, you want to stand out about shooting. If you're good 3 point shooter, you want to be able to knock down a three-pointer whenever you get the shot.

     If you can penetrate, it's the same thing, you want to show your best asset and what you're good at and that's just like in practice especially if you're already on the professional level, if you're there, you're there to do a specific thing or be that role player. Normally they have that superstar, but if you are there to be that superstar, then be a superstar. That means you're pretty much good at every aspect of the game, most players are pretty much role players, and you just have to be good at what you're there for. If you're there to play some defense, and shut down that good scorer then you have to do that. It's just like any other job, if you're not performing at your best then you pretty much get replaced because there are people out there who are begging for your job and you want it and that's why practice is key and it's important that you do get yourself in the gym, not necessarily hours in a day, but you want to be there a lot to show that you want to get better and that you can improve, you don't want to just be a one dimensional player, you want to be 2 or 3 dimensions, practices and tryouts on the professional level are definitely a tough thing.




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